Under Where?

Today, while I was loading the kiln with my advanced art class, I started thinking about the trinkets I have made.
They are all sad and lonely.
Sitting in a drawer in my craft room.
Wishing someone loved them :(
 I have made necklaces out of my favorites. Charm bracelets for my niece.
But the rest of them just sit.
My thought is that maybe I could add a few to my Etsy.
Maybe someone would love them, and then they wouldn't sit there. All sad and lonely. Here are some pendants that I just love:

There are others. Acorns. Cameras. Snowmen.

I will have to see what is there, and then photograph them. Be watching. I'll be adding them soon.

And, tomorrow, I get to work on cards. We get a "mini" break from school for the County Fair and Labor Day. One last taste of summer!!

Happy Wednesday (a.k.a. My Friday!)


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  1. These are just wonderful and fun! =)
    Hugs, Elenor