Owl Always Love You

They are everywhere right now.

And so darn cute.

Crocheted hats and felted shoes for babies, iPhone cases, jewelry, art, and more. You name it and you can probably find it with an owl on it.

While I was surfing through the fun ones listed on Etsy yesterday, a ceramic one caught my eye. Loved the design and the tilt of it's fat little body. I drew it out and figured I would share it with you.

It will be so much fun to color. I keep seeing blues and greens when I look at it. Not the traditional browns, but those could be fun too, with a touch of orange.

Click the link here to download the file: Flower Owl

If I have a chance today, I am thinking about watercoloring it...and then trying Copics on it.

Be sure and come back to share a link if you make something fun...I'll post your link, here on the blog, so we can all enjoy it :)

Happy Tuesday,


A Refreshing Weekend...

Is it Springtime yet?

I am so ready. This weekend really made me want warmer weather. We had a beautiful day on Friday. Time spent outside. Lots of walking. Cookies and coffee at the bakery. Total relaxation. I loved it!

I'm almost rejuvenated enough to come back to school today. Almost :)

There was even some time for drawing this weekend. I have started into a new sketchbook. Love them when they are fresh and clean.

Here is a new drawing (digital stamp) that I listed in my shop.

It's definitely spring inspired :)

Hope you all are ready for another fun filled week. I have Zumba, dentists, and Yoga to look forward too. The only miserable one is the dentist, but it is just a cleaning so I am sure I will survive. I hope so anyway :)

Happy Monday!

Short Week...

Happy Tuesday!

I am looking forward to a short week. It was a whirl wind weekend. Home to Salmon and time with the in-laws and my dad. Then to Missoula to see my sister. A Costco trip (yuck). Back home again to host a Bunco game.

It will be a short week. I am taking Friday off to go see my other sister and the kids. Yahoo. So excited to play again!

Here is your free download for the week (click on the "sweet girl" below...it is the link to the download):

A sweet girl in her baby doll dress. Hope you like her :)

Have a great week!


Sweet Eye Candy

Happy Friday!

There is a ton of sugar floating around school this week. Thank you St. Valentine.

To save our teeth (and blood sugar levels)...I made a visual treat...with my most recent favorites on Etsy.

It's a beautiful visual treat, that you can savor as long as you wish :)



Jury is Out...

Or in my case, it's in.

Jury Duty today. Hubby was teasing me about being late for it today. That they were going to toss me in jail. I said "that's okay. vacation time. someone else will cook. I can read all day. as long as they bring me coffee" Kidding. But a break would be nice :)

There is a new digital stamp in my shop:

This cute little toadstool and frog are going to be so much fun to color. Wonder if they would let me bring my art supplies into the court room....

I should probably get my rear in gear, no matter how good a "vacation" sounds :)

Happy Thursday,


Bird Hugs...

Happy Valentine's Day.

This day is usually pretty uneventful for us. When we were dating it was a little more special.
Picnics by the river (even though it was only 45 degrees).

And then we were usually working. I delivered flowers when we were in college for one of the florists. Talk about a busy busy day.

With kids it is all about the Valentine's they give at school. The class lists. The boxes with fun envelopes and stickers. Our tiny little grocery store didn't order in the fun boxes of Valentines this year. Being the slacker mom that I am, I didn't realize that until 4:45 yesterday afternoon when we ran to the store to find something for dinner and to grab the cards. What?!!

We improvised. I found some awesome freebies on the Internet. Printed them on thick art paper. Cut, cut, and cut. And now we are good to go :)

Here is your Valentine from me:

A cute little birdie hug.
From me to you :)

Happy Valentine's Day.


Bunny Valentine...

Morning :)

Monday is finished. Thank goodness! It was a Monday. All the way around. And it felt like the day took up a whole week. Blah.

My heart skipped a beat yesterday (and I'm sure if my laptop had a soul, it's life would have flashed before it's eyes).
One of my students bumped my coffee while he was setting his book down.
Flew all over my keyboard and mouse.
I was waiting for the smoke and fireworks. My saving grace was that I have a green silicon cover over my keys. It didn't let any moisture down into the keyboard. Phew!!

Note to self...no coffee near the computer when there are urchins around!!

Here is your Tuesday Treat:

Download this cutie for your own creative endeavors :)

Happy Tuesday!


So Many Ideas...

Happy Monday!

I'm not sure where this weekend went...it was supposed to be relaxing and restful. I'm more tired than when it started.
Go Figure!

There are so many ideas of things that I would like to make and have posted or listed. Colors swirling. Images popping up. And I have to just tamp them back down and hope they come back to me when I have a minute.

I did manage to make some Black and Red Frames. They go with the Valentine's papers and owls. Or work well on their own :)

I'm looking forward to making it home this evening and doing some Yoga (I'm still working on holding Crane for as long as possible. My time is well over 25 seconds! Yahoo!) and then laying around in my jammies. Maybe even an early to bed type of night.

Hope you all have a smooth Monday...see you back here tomorrow for the Tuesday Treat :)


Crafty Little Critter


This is a record for me. Three blog posts in a row.

We are trying to make February a limited technology month. In school it is "I Love to Read" month. To help meet the kids' reading goals, we are turning the technology off. I already read most of the time, but I am trying to draw more too.

Even though I have to use technology to finish up the work, and to post, I am still finding more time to be creative.

Maybe some more time for Yoga too :) And walking!

This little cute critter is busy crafting too. Either making Valentines, or just a note to say "Hi".

And I even had a few minutes to color today. I seriously could color ALL THE TIME, if I could get paid to do it, that would be even better :)

I hope to be adding some more over the next few days.

Happy "I Love to Read/Draw" month,



Happy February!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am sponsoring a challenge on the "Flutterby Wednesday" blog. Flutter on over there to check out the details. It's super simple...

Enter one of your creations that has a fairy, butterfly, or angel on it and you could win a $20 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! How fun is that? The challenge ends next Tuesday, so you have some time to be creative.