In Search of Snow...

We had to drive over 30 miles to find snow yesterday. That is not normal.
But, we found the snow. And after a few squabbles and some growling, we had SNOW much fun :)

It is amazing how peaceful the world is when it is white and cold. Our adventures took us along the Montana/Idaho pass (a small portion of the Continental Divide). Hayden flopped around like a fish and did belly flops. Kyla ate her weight in snow. Maggie was worn out because she isn't lucky enough to have snowshoes. It's tough being a dog. Chris made snow art with a ski pole. I found mother natures sculptures and photographed them. When I downloaded the loot this morning, the grand total was 137 photos. Goodness!!

I leave you with a few of the most precious and the promise to share more ♥


Longer Days...

Days are longer. In a good way. It is getting dark a bit later each evening.

I love living where we have distinct seasons. In the fall, I love the feel of the cool night air. Smell of decaying leaves and the crisp crunch of them underfoot. I enjoy the shortening days and the thought of long winter days spent warm and cozy in the house.

By February, I start watching for the signs of spring. Daylight hours get longer. You can almost feel a touch of the dampness of spring in the air. The slant of sunlight starts to change. Birds start singing outside the windows. I want to clean the house from top to bottom and open windows (CRAZY...I Know!).

Today, I was downtown on a grocery run. It was after 5:20 and it was still light!! Spring is on it's way. Just hoping the fever doesn't set in to soon :)

And what did I do with all that light?
I took pictures of my second Remains of the Day journal.

I have almost filled my first one. I added a few more images. Need to add detail here and there and tweak a few things. There are about 5 more pages and I have run out of all the writing and ideas that I have that fit the theme, so I am going to add random quotes through out the entire journal and call it good. Then it will be one WHOLE book finished just for me and I am moving on to #2 :)

Looking forward to a relaxing and creative weekend.


Make My Soul Smile...

It's always the little things that up to make you the most happy. My favorite things:

The smell of coffee brewing and toast on a warm summer morning.

My kids all fresh and warm from the shower.

The smell of hot pine needles in the summer.

A snowy day, a cup of coffee, and a good book.

The fact that my hubby and I have to be touching in some way to fall asleep (usually backs pressed together after we have cuddled).

Things that make me laugh out loud. Not a chuckle. Not a snicker. Good old laugh out loud.

Colors. Vibrant, contrasting, blending, earth tones, monochromatic. It doesn't matter...just show me color.

Finding an image or idea that makes me so excited that I feel bubbly in my chest.

My niece on the phone saying my name and that she loves me.

An afternoon at the bookstore with my sister.

The smell of blended essential oils lingering on my clothing.

Lunch with my mother-in-law.

A long lazy Sunday afternoon.

An invigorating workout that reminds me what my body is capable of.

Lists...that help me put life in perspective and that remind me that it's the little things in life that bring us the most joy.



P.S. I was inspired to create this post after finding it on "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken". She was inspired by "Soul Aperture". If you would like to read other simple inspirations, they are there for your enjoyment.

Motivating Art Students...

I have a few students who do not motivate themselves intrinsically. That's normal. It's my job to find a way to motivate them (even if it isn't an intrinsic motivation) and then hopefully they will learn to motivate themselves over time.

On more than one occasion I have mentioned that I sell my work. Either on eBay or Etsy. A few of them perk up when I say this. A select few want to try it themselves, but still need to produce a product first.

My dream is to someday arrange a student auction. They would submit their finished piece and then we would hold a community event for them to share/sell their work.

Until then, I'm teaching a few about Etsy. One student has even listed items with my help!! He has created horse shoe hangers with custom animal designs. Here is a peek at one and you can visit his Etsy Shop as well :) Please support and encourage where deserved...
Happy Tuesday,

A Short Day...

Here I am. Back at school. The good news, it will be quick. Teacher in-service. Our classes at the High School have only been 35 min. long. The kids leave at one. We stay to have meetings and catch up on grading and paper work. It's a quick way to take care of a Monday.

Now, if I could be home with a cup of coffee and my art supplies, that would be even better!!

I continue to fill my first ROD journal. You can find images on my flicker (see side panel...lower right). I worked on the second one yesterday. All the signatures are stitched and bound into the cover. My plan is to finish filling the first with journaling/doodling and then move on to the second. I had a devious plan. I printed all the notes and fun ABC's of me from my Facebook Page to add. It was a good plan. It's fun to go back and read them. The problem...I still have 4 pages left to fill. I don't have anymore blog posts, notes, etc. What to do, what to do?!

There might be a few minutes where I can take some pics of the second set of pages. If so, I will try to post this evening or sometime tomorrow.

Happy Short Monday!

Can You Say "Graceful"?!

I managed some creative time this weekend.
I am not graceful. Yoga Booty Ballet arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Kyla and I picked a video and gave it a try last night.


I've never been a dancer. There is not an ounce of rhythm in this white girls body. I proved that last night.

But...we had fun. At one point we were using bands for resistance. You should have heard the snap when mine slipped. Kyla was rolling on the floor laughing! Laughing is a workout? Right?

This is my latest cover. I haven't completed signatures for it, but plan on playing with that this weekend.


Another year. And this year, it's time to do it right.
Setting goals. Word of the year. Life improvements.

My word for the year:
Clarity - The state, or measure of being clear, either in appearance, thought or style; lucidity,
free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression

One way I have chosen clarity is in health. I'm limiting my sugar intake. I've made it 16 days without sugar. I'm not substituting with chemical replacements. No cakes, cookies, candies.

Next will be refined flour. I'm working up to that :)

And my goals. Hmmm. There are a number of thoughts floating around. The three that are sticking to me so far:

1. Not hindering myself. Stop the self sabatoging thoughts that I hear talking me out of things I want to try. They tell me not to bother. I'm going to tell them to shut up!

2. Work out. Regularly. Bring on the Yoga Booty Ballet.

3. Wait to buy books. Read the ones I have. When I have made a dent in that pile, then I can start purchasing again. (the one exception to this rule is if I go to Barnes and Noble with my sister...)

And, I'm writing them down. It is the surest way to motivate yourself to achieve your desires.

I'm living my word and following my lists!


My Christmas Gift...

My hubby was very thoughtful this year and bought me an electric mattress pad. Unfortunately, I don't like electric blankets and mattress pads. We finally got around to taking it back, and I put the money toward a scanner. I've been wanting one, so I can share images of my work and doodles (even on cloudy, rainy, snowy days!). I've been playing with it all evening. Haven't even gotten to the photo printing part! Here are the things I have scanned so far. Loving this!!

I am selling these as coloring pages on Etsy. Why not share the fun, right?!

My scanner is calling. I am off to scan some journal pages to share next :)


Why Is It...

I think I have become so accostomed to being busy, chasing kids, problem solving for others, and all the other things that pop up in a day of teaching, that I don't know what to do with myself when I have free time.
I spent this weekend in total bum-dom. I didn't create. I didn't plan. I didn't do much of anything. I thought about it, and then I would go back to being a bum.
I did read a book.
Cleaned the bathrooms.
Made dinner.
Laid on the couch.
Browsed the internet.
Took a nap both days.
But really, in two days. I should have done way more than that. Feeling a little guilty. But not too much.
Now it's Monday. I hit the ground running. Brain is going. Creativity is blossoming. And can I do anything about it? Nope. I'm chasing rug rats instead. *grrr*
Maybe I should start making lists now. All the things I can work on when I am retired. At least then I won't waste those days right?!

Happy Monday,

Back to School, Back to Winter

School is now back in session.
Winter has come back with a vengance. Yesterday we had temps in the 40's and rain. Overnight, it all froze and we are expected to have a low of -6 tonight. You just gotta love Montana weather!

I am still working on my journal. Mostly deciding what to fill the pages with. My previous blog only used up about half. Now to figure out the other half. I want to add some doodles to it as well.

Each day that I teach Art, I become inspired by all the images and colors and ideas I see. By the time I get home, it has all drained out of me and I stare at my things like a zombie. If only I could bottle it up and open it when I have a minute!

Hope you are having an inspired day. Here is looking forward to the weekend :)


Rainy January...

It feels like spring here. Kyla and I were out following the cat (he only goes out on supervised walks). The yard is full of puddles and mud. It has rained for two days. Washed away the snow. And it's over 40 degrees. This is NOT supposed to be January in Montana.

I have completed all the pages for my journal and sewn the signatures into the cover. Now my dilemma is what do I fill it with? I love the idea of journals. Scrapbook albums. Mini books. But I never know what to put in them once they are made. I don't write my thoughts and feelings. I like quotes. I make myself notes about ideas. But I don't write. My sister said it best "I don't want to leave evidence out in the open". Thoughts are best kept to myself :)

These are my pages:

I used to blog when I was selling scrapbook pages and kits. I've saved my favorite posts from that blog and just had the epiphany that I should print those and add them to my journal. I feel some creativity brewing. Must go play!!