Bunny in a Basket

Daylight Savings is starting to kick our butts.

It's fine the first day, and then we just start dragging more and more and more.

Hard to get out of bed. Hard to get the kids out of bed. The kids at school are tired. Time for a weekend!

I skipped my morning workout today. Good thing I have Zumba after school. I'm not feeling to guilty :) And maybe I will make part of it up...or just make sure I get up tomorrow and Friday. Two more days. We can make it. Right?

This weekend I drew another digital stamp. Cute little bunny in time for Easter cards and layouts.

You can see him in more detail here: Bunny Basket

It's going to be a fun one to color! Might have to give it a try after Zumba tonight :)

Happy Wednesday!


Spring Fever...

I'm still here. I promise.

I am starting to get that Spring Fever feeling, and I find all sorts of things to do, except the things I should be doing.
Not sure what I was avoiding last night, but I cleaned the fridge. That is so no like me...and I keep thinking about opening windows and vacuuming everything I can get my hands on. Yep. Definitely spring!!

To make up for not listing a free goodie last week, I have a pack of them for you this week:
Click HERE to download the file. Every monster that you see in the preview will be in the file :)

Happy Spring!!