Ahhh. A Day Off...

I took my last personal day for the year on Monday.
Spent the day in Missoula.
Scrapbook store (new papers).
Lunch with my sister (Bagels on Broadway...YUM).
Barnes and Noble (with a London Fog tea).
A quick Costco trip.
And then home again. That part wasn't fun. I could have used 3 more days just like that one. I actually started missing my impermanent home from last year while I was there for school. That is just crazy!!! :)

And what did I do with the scrapbook paper. Well, I couldn't keep my hands off it. So, I made this: HAPPY

And that is what it made me...Happy :)

This weekend is supposed to be sunny. That makes me happy too. Some warm weather to play.

Happy Thursday!

Maybe eBay...

I spent the morning posting some of my art prints on eBay. We will see how that works out :) It can't hurt, right?

This morning I woke up (too early for a Saturday) and the first thing that went through my mind was a journal. Should I play with it? Should I sell it? What can I put on the cover? How attached to the scraps inside it am I? It's just paper right? But it makes me happy.

I am off to the Farmer's Market, the Nursery, and lunch. I'll think about it. Maybe I will come home and work on creating a new one, or I will list this one. Decisions :)

Hope you all have a creative Saturday, in one way or another!


Paper, Paper, Paper...

I had a chance to play :) Hopefully, there will be more chances to play again this weekend. One can hope...right?
You can see the entire set here: By the Sea

I'm also thinking about selling one of my Remains of the Day journals. Most likely on Etsy. If I don't list one that is already made, I will be making another one soon. I'm getting the itch. It's a good thing summer is just around the corner.

Okay. Enough rambling. Have a great weekend :)


Ahh! Lavender

My daughter had a sore throat yesterday. We started lavender and honey with lemon. Lots of vitamin D.
Today, no sore throat, just a nasty cough this morning.
This afternoon, my throat tickles and I just feel puny. Bring on the lavender. I'm hoping to know this germ on it's butt before it can knock me on mine :)

On a better (no pun intended *grin*) note, I was browsing eBay this morning and I had the most overwhelming urge to scrapbook. That hasn't happened in at least a year. Maybe longer. WoW! It was an intense urge, and I LOVED it. Tonight I plan on playing with paper. I might mix in some paint and other fun things, but mostly, just paper!

Happy Wednesday!