Who's Ready for March?!


We are on the home stretch of February. Even though there are still snow storms to come, in my head it's spring :)

The home stretch to summer!

I'm trying not to get to excited...I really don't want to create a bad case of "are we done yet"...but I'm already starting to think about warm summer nights, summer adventures, swimming in the river...yeah. I'm in trouble :)

This week I am sharing the giraffe digital stamp:

You can download this cutie "here". It was super fun to color...hope you enjoy it :)

Happy Tuesday!


Playing on the iPad

I've finally taken a few minutes to play on the iPad.





It was meant to just be a quick experiment, but I ended up playing with it for a few hours. Here is what I came up with (I was inspired by a sketch on Pinterest...I redrew it with a little bit of a few minor changes and then colored it). Purely for my own personal enjoyment...and then I thought I would share.

I know I could have kept working on her...but I really didn't want to spend forever on something that I'm only using for doodle practice :)


Animal Menagerie

I will be leaving to see my sister and nieces tomorrow.

Five day weekend, here I come! (I took an extra personal day for drive time, which means I don't have to rush home).

Part of my mission is to deliver artwork to Sophie. She is working on a collage (that I have yet to see or get any details on)...but she specifically requested art work from me for it.

Here is what I drew, colored, and cut for her:

If you would like, you can have the hippo :) She is available for download "here". She will look awesome dancing across one of your projects or cards. Makes me think of Fantasia. One of my favs!! :)

Have a great weekend!


Artsy Bear...

Happy Tuesday!

I was inspired to do a few drawings this past week. My niece requested some specific pieces to use on an art collage she is making.

When a four year old tells me she needs art for a project, you can bet I get it done for her.

There is no way I will be the one stifling her creativity!! :)

She asked for a panda, hippo, and giraffe. And she needed them colored and cut out. Auntie Rhoda will be delivering on Friday!

Since it has been a week or so since I posted our last goodie, I thought I would share the bear here. He can be a regular bear, or a panda. You get to choose when you color him:

You can download him here :)

I'll be posting my other images later this week...and maybe another freebie (some colored clip art).

Hope you have a great day.