Used to Be Long...

It's funny. I remember when I was younger, January would drag on forever. Long than forever. It's a month that really gets a bad rap.

Now. It's like any other month. And 30 days can seem long, or not nearly long enough.

Either way. Today is the last day of this January.

How about a cupcake?

It could be to celebrate that it's done, or to cheer you up because you weren't really ready for it to end.

Print it. Color it. Decorate it. Celebrate it :)

I had some time to create this weekend, and with the influence of the largest "lovely" holiday approaching, I couldn't help but be influenced by the color way.

New owls and papers. You can view them in my shop (try clicking the link under each image):

Hope you had wonderful's to the next 29 days, and whatever they may bring :)


Almost Februrary...

It's still January, but around here it feels like it should be March.
The birds are chirping. It's raining. Not at all the way a January should be.

I was a slacker last week (I honestly can't tell you where my week went) and I didn't get a chance to blog or post any free goodies.

To make up for that, I am posting one today, and one tomorrow :)

This cute little frog is available here.

I doodled him while I was sitting at the table. Sometimes, they just pop (or hop) out of the paper. I have also listed a few new fun things in the shop.

You can find them in my Etsy Shop. More fun stuff to color. So little time :)

Happy Monday!


Love Again...

Morning :)

It's Tuesday again. I'm writing this as fast as I can because there is less than 11 minutes left on my battery life. Yikes. And I forgot my charger. Double Yikes!

I had a few minutes to doodle this weekend. I'm looking forward to this weeks snow storm. Maybe I will find some time to color!

This one is for you :) You can download it here.

Happy Tuesday!


I Really Need To...

I was waiting for some of my drawings to scan last night and started browsing through the pictures on my big MAC (the only kind to have...not those icky burgers!).

There were all sorts of images that I had saved for inspiration. And images of art I have already completed. Then, I came across the art I still want to be making and have ignored for over a year. I really, Really, REALLY need to get back to it.

Art Journaling. I suck at the journaling part. It's the part that probably stalled me last time. Making them. That's the part I really love. They were starting to pile up, and I was feeling guilty about them being made but sitting there empty. Time to give it another go.

Here are some images of my mostly empty one:

I did create and fill one. If you dig back through old posts, or my flickr account you can see it as well. It's time to make another new, fresh one. Vow to start filling this one...and not be concerned with how many sit empty. I'll get to it eventually. Right?


Sweet Sunshine Bear

Morning :)

Are you ready for this Tuesday's freebie? She is a cutie!

You can download her by clicking here :)

I am hoping that she is a hit, along with the Heart Bear that I have listed on Etsy. I want to draw more of them!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Another Full Week...

Happy Monday!
Now that it is almost over *wink*.

Oh my! Was it ever a Monday today. All over the place.

We started off with the kids and Chris staying home sick. Before I left for school, Chris was trimming Hayden's fingernails, with toe nail clippers. Instant red flag. He ended up cutting a divot in the tip of Hayden's finger. Sheesh. Blood. Band-Aids. Irritated mommy!

When I get to school, my keys aren't in my bag. Hmmm. The hubby was the last to use them. I call him. He can't remember where he had them. He thinks he put them away in my bag. I use my keys all day. A LOT! I get in the car and drive home to get them. Then back to school.

The rest of the day, it was reasonable. The overall mood though was...Monday. Blah!

Yoga made it a little better, other than the mirrors. No mirrors during Yoga. Yuck! And I was stuck right in front of it. I just tried to ignore myself :)

I did manage some drawing this weekend. And a few new digital stamps.

This sweet Valentine Bear is the first to be listed. And, I would wager that tomorrow's freebie might be something similar :) Stay tuned...


Let It Snow...Man

Happy Tuesday!

I'm hoping to get back into the groove of regular posting. And more art and creative fun.

No resolutions here. Just goals. One of those is to spend more time away from the technology, and more time with a sketchbook and pencil in my hand. Copics. They can be in my hand too. Colors are always a must :)

Our Montana world is brown and dirty. It wasn't a white Christmas. No sign of white during New Year's. And still we wait. This is just wrong!  It's way to dry, and way to warm.

Here is what we are all thinking:

Feel free to download this little cutie and his wish for snow. Maybe it will come true soon!

Have a great week!


Happy New Year...

10 days of break. And I can't tell you where they went...

Family. Food. Cleaning. Food. Family.

And then the flu.

That was fun. 10 people in the house, and it hit every single one of us! The little ones are the worst. They can't tell you when they are about to explode, it's never near a bucket, and it's always the worst possible place to clean up.

I slept away one whole day of the break. And I'm pretty sure each of my kids did too. We just rotated days.

But before the nasties hit, we played at the park:

Spent some time playing with rocks by the river.

And I did some Yoga!  I am working on mastering Crow Pose. One of these days it will just come naturally, but for now, I still am happy if I can just count to 6 or higher before I fall out :)

Here's to a happy, healthy, and creative 2012.