Pile O' Fun

Happy Sunday :)

I spent the weekend being creative.

Cleaning out my space.

Adding things to my studio (slowly). I only want my favorite things there. Or the things that inspire me.

And, I created a little something for you. Something different. It's a Pile-o-Fun!

I will be giving this pile to one lucky reader.

It could be you! How you ask? Just leave me a comment here. That's it.

Want to up your odds? Like Rhoda Studio on FaceBook and tell me you did. You're in again.

Easy. Didn't even hurt :)

I like things in three. So if you want a 3rd way to win, tell your friends. Post it on your blog. Share it on FB or Twitter. After you do, post here with a link to where you are sharing and you have upped your odds.

I'll randomly pick a number on Saturday the 3rd... (your number will be assigned based on your post number...ie. first post will be #1 and on from there).

If you can't wait for this pile of goodies, I am selling some in Smash book form. They will be listed throughout the week on eBay. You can see them here.

Have a great week!! :)


Dress Up Time...


Thought I would share some of my homework, since that seems to be all I get to do lately. Am I done yet?!

We had to choose a character idea and have someone model different poses for us. I let Kyla play in my  wedding dress:

Probably my most favorite out of all the drawings I have done for this class. I have a comic to write as well...I'll share that when it's all done too :)

Okay. I'm off to be good and get some more drawing done. Really wish I was drawing for fun instead...


My Studio...In Progress

The hard parts are done!

Flooring is in. Trim is finished (and repainted...because "someone" doesn't know how to fill holes).

My new/old desk is in. I bought an old University of Montana study carousel from an Antique Mall in Missoula. Now I am in search of a table to go next to it. Something like a butcher table.

I need a love seat hide-a-bed for this corner. It will either be where guests sleep (my sis has called dibs), or Chris and I will sleep out here and give the parents our bed and bath. 

There was an old mirror floating around in storage. Kyla repainted it for me and then we scuffed it up with sandpaper. It's the last color I will be adding to the room...I swear :)

I thought about repainting my window trim in the blue, but I think I have grown to like the lighter green  on there. At first it made me think of those glow plugs that they use for sights on a shotgun. It's toned down since, or my eyes have adjusted.

This is the building from the outside. It's an "L" shape. Hubby's part is the long side, and mine is the part that makes it an "L". It's only 10x12 so if I'm not careful, it could get really crowded.

I'm tempted to paint the door red, but I can't decide. I'd have to get it in an exterior paint...and then I figure if I am getting another can of paint, maybe it should be a different color. That green or the blue would be good. Sheesh! So many decisions :)

What do you think?


A Little Happiness...


Happy Friday!!

It's been another busy week around here. I am mostly caught up on the work needed for these classes. I am very ready for them to be done. My worry is that when I am all done, my brain will switch over to lesson planning mode and my summer will be over.

The dreams have already started.

Oh Yeah. I lesson plan and teach in my sleep. It's exhausting...and if all those lesson plans were really down on paper when I woke up, I would be so far ahead it would be unbelievable :)

I've added a few new things to my shop. Some pre-made scrapbook pages and albums. More to come, I'm sure. My scrapbook room has been my escape this summer! This one just makes you a little more than happy:

It's a lot like a Smash Journal...only it's one of a kind. Unique and ready for memories, photos, and journaling. The girl on the front is from Saturated Canary and was colored using Copic markers. It's full of ribbon, flowers, rhinestone brads, and all those other things that make your heart sing.

I've also listed a few things on eBay (if you are interested, the link is in the top right of my blog). Not sure how long I will stay with that venue. I really like my Etsy shop and all that goes with it.

Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend.


Turtle-ie Enough for the Turtle Club

Happy Tuesday!

I have officially been home for a week.
No major trips.
No chasing kids.
No running around (other than a trip to Missoula yesterday to pick up my studio desk and a Costco run).

Homework. Lots of Homework.

With a little bit of scrapbooking thrown in to keep me sane!

Here is my latest creation:

Popsicle Smiles is listed on eBay currently. Let me tell you...there was a TON of hand cutting (fussy cutting) involved in that one! Everything is cut by hand except the letters that I cut with my Cricut. Phew!

It's also time for another freebie :)

You can click on the link "here" to download this cute little turtle in it's hat...and if you need help unzipping and using it, please read the "How To" page at the top of the blog. I'm off to scrapbook a bit before I start another round of homework. Wish me luck! Rhoda

Homework? What Homework?

I really should be doing my school work. Instead, I keep finding fun things to work on.

Rearranging my Etsy shop.
Making new items.

See? So many other things to do besides homework!

I listed some new word art:

And listed the new owls:

Then I colored my 4th of July and Independence Day girl art. When that was all done, I created a page for eBay. It will be listed tomorrow. Follow me one Facebook or Twitter to get the link when I post it :)

It's been awhile since I posted a freebie. Are you ready for one now?

This Basketball Bear will be fun for a boys birthday or just a card to say hello to your favorite little guy :) Click HERE to download the zip file. If you need help saving and using the file, please read the How To at the top of the blog.

That was a lot of stuff today. See? Avoiding the homework *grrr*


Drawing, Drawing, Drawing...

Is it hot yet?

We are hitting the 90's here. The air is full of smoke. There is a fire somewhere up the valley, and maybe over the border in Idaho. Summer is in full swing.

I've been MIA. Traveling. Playing. Working. Drawing.

I am taking two online classes that are super intense. Usually, I end up sitting on my bum for two straight days just drawing. Trying to get it all done so that I can go back to playing.

We've put well over 800 miles on the car in the last 3 weeks.
Gone swimming.
Watched the Independence Day parade.
Fireworks set to music from each of the wars in the past 150 years.
Shopped the sidewalk sales.
Played in the river.
Eaten Hospice ice cream cones.
Been eaten by mosquitos.
Visited with family.
It's been AWESOME :)

My plan is to post some of my drawings when they are in am more finalized version. Or maybe a series from beginning to end. Depends on how they turn out. One class is comic drawing, the other is figure drawing. My brain is frying!

I did manage to make a new listing for the shop:

And I'm hoping to add a few more :)

Might even be something new to make from all of my scribbles, scratches, and attempted drawings in the past 3 weeks!

Happy July,