My Studio...In Progress

The hard parts are done!

Flooring is in. Trim is finished (and repainted...because "someone" doesn't know how to fill holes).

My new/old desk is in. I bought an old University of Montana study carousel from an Antique Mall in Missoula. Now I am in search of a table to go next to it. Something like a butcher table.

I need a love seat hide-a-bed for this corner. It will either be where guests sleep (my sis has called dibs), or Chris and I will sleep out here and give the parents our bed and bath. 

There was an old mirror floating around in storage. Kyla repainted it for me and then we scuffed it up with sandpaper. It's the last color I will be adding to the room...I swear :)

I thought about repainting my window trim in the blue, but I think I have grown to like the lighter green  on there. At first it made me think of those glow plugs that they use for sights on a shotgun. It's toned down since, or my eyes have adjusted.

This is the building from the outside. It's an "L" shape. Hubby's part is the long side, and mine is the part that makes it an "L". It's only 10x12 so if I'm not careful, it could get really crowded.

I'm tempted to paint the door red, but I can't decide. I'd have to get it in an exterior paint...and then I figure if I am getting another can of paint, maybe it should be a different color. That green or the blue would be good. Sheesh! So many decisions :)

What do you think?



  1. Red or hunter green will make it pop!
    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  2. I absolutely Love the colors on your walls of your room. They look so totally awesome. Maybe someday if I am not renting I can have a room of my own again and paint it like that. I love it.