Loving the Combination

I have started on my "Remains of the Day" class.
It's amazing.
I am obsessed.
I have finished the cover and started the pages. Took some time to get pictures of the cover before I fill it (and before we supposedly get snow and I lose the good lighting).
Here it is:

I am currently working on the pages. I love that everything is a mix of scraps and incorporates paper and fabric. Later it will have doodling and pictures. What more could a person want?!

Happy New Year,


I Did It...

I finally worked up the nerve to get prints of my artwork made.
I'm not sure which part is more scary:
Spending the money to have the prints made or thinking about having all those prints and none of them selling.
I guess it could mean that I have Christmas finished for next year *wink*
In a previous post, there is a sneak at my favorite print. Here is another (my second favorite):
You can find them here: Intrinsic Art Shop

I had two sizes printed. An 8 x 10 and an 11 x 14. Ready to be framed. I'm also framing a couple to hang in the house. The originals will go in my "studio" someday, when it's all finished :)

Also...I signed up for my very first online class (that is not through a University). It is called "Remains of the Day...a shabby journal of scraps". I am excited to get started. I bought a few fat quarters yesterday to make the cover. As soon as I finish with this silly computer, I am off to drink more coffee and create. The teacher is Mary Ann Moss. She teaches second grade in L.A. and if that's not brave enough for you, she also teaches all of us crazy creative people via the internet. You can find her blogs and classes at Dispatch From LA, her blog.

Happy Wednesday!

Papillon de Fleur

This is my latest creation. I started with a completely different idea that evolved into this. I can't say that I am disappointed. I LOVE the way it turned out.

You can find it here: Papillon de Fleur

There are piles of art supplies around my room. I am having a hard time focusing on just one medium. Thinking of how I can blend a few of them together to get the most creative bang for my buck :)

I have also submitted a few pieces from my summer drawing class to the printer. Waiting for a quote to see how much it would be to make prints. I would love to be able to list them on Etsy. It needs to be cost effective though.
This is a one of the four. My favorite:

We are officially on day 1 of our Christmas break. I'm hoping that the two weeks feels like forever. That way we will be ready to go back. If my kids keep it up, it will feel like an eternity. They are already at each others throats. *grrr*

Happy 1st Day of Winter!

Paying Forward

I just took a little time tonight to fill out a fun "wish list" on an art community I stumbled on a few days ago.

If you would like to visit the site, find like minded art-people, or just become inspired you can find it here:

And, you can find the wish list here.
I haven't done much creating in the last few days. I am saving up all that creative energy for Friday. Two weeks of vacation...I will have a TON of time to be creative. I told my husband that all I want to do for the break is have a chance to be bored. :) that means I won't be rushing around doing chores, required activities, watching the clock, etc. We can just "be".
Happy Winter!!

Maybe Some Mojo...

I'm trying. And trying.
I seem to have misplaced my "mojo".
Every time I think I have found it...I loose it again.

I love looking at ideas. I find inspiration in a million places.
When it comes time to apply that inspiration. I draw a blank.
Not sure if it is a fear of failure. Not being creative enough. Or talented enough.

Scrapbooking was my passion for long time. I eat, slept, breathed scrapbooking. Now. Nothing.

I know that money is a driving factor for me. I'm not sure if it is selling the items for money so much as knowing that someone else values my creations. The money is nice. The validation is better.

A driving factor. Validation. That's what I need to find!

Hmm. Where to look.