Papillon de Fleur

This is my latest creation. I started with a completely different idea that evolved into this. I can't say that I am disappointed. I LOVE the way it turned out.

You can find it here: Papillon de Fleur

There are piles of art supplies around my room. I am having a hard time focusing on just one medium. Thinking of how I can blend a few of them together to get the most creative bang for my buck :)

I have also submitted a few pieces from my summer drawing class to the printer. Waiting for a quote to see how much it would be to make prints. I would love to be able to list them on Etsy. It needs to be cost effective though.
This is a one of the four. My favorite:

We are officially on day 1 of our Christmas break. I'm hoping that the two weeks feels like forever. That way we will be ready to go back. If my kids keep it up, it will feel like an eternity. They are already at each others throats. *grrr*

Happy 1st Day of Winter!

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