Happy Friday!

School is out. Ready to celebrate. Something sweet! Some sleeping in. Coffee and books. And Art.

That's my plan :)

Hmmm. Chocolate and coffee. Might have to do some baking.


I Love Books!


The best way to make me happy. Let me read. Look at pictures. Become enchanted by the cover. It really doesn't take much.

Libraries and bookstores are my idea of a happy place. And usually the first place that I think to run away to and relax.

I was thinking the other day, how much fun would it be to go into a bookstore and start making a stack out of all the books you have read? Every single one of them. Unfortunately, most stores wouldn't have every title. I would want to stack books I read in college. Books I read when I was in grade school. Every single title that I could remember reading, form cover to cover, would be in the pile.

How big would the stack be? How tall would your pile be? Hmmmm. Sounds like fun...but I wouldn't want to put them all away when I was done!! :)

You can download this cutie "here". Or just click and save :)


Summer Is Almost Here...

Happy Memorial Day.

A day of remembering. Honoring. Family.

And the start of the summer season, even if the weather doesn't really know it.

To celebrate, I am having a sale. Use the coupon code: SUMMER15 before you check out to save 15% on your full purchase :)

Have a great last week of May!


Bird Watching

The birds have been chirping around here like crazy.

As soon as the sun starts to peek over the hills, the birds start chattering.

It's probably my favorite noise to wake up to. Unless it's a magpie. Yuck!

My studio has a lilac right outside one of the windows. I've found myself just staring at the birds. Watching them flitter around inside the branches. The way they bob their little heads. Their tiny claws gripping for balance. Fascinating.

I never thought I would become a bird watcher (and I'm not even close to being an official one)...but I do find myself paying a little more attention to them than I used to :)

I even find myself drawing them :) Sheesh! If you feel like coloring this image as well...to celebrate your "love of birds" you can find her in my shop: Bird Watching.

Happy Sunday!


A Girl and Her Pet

Happy Friday!!

Are you all ready for an extra long weekend? I am so ready for the weekend, and the summer that is just around the corner :)

I thought I would pop in and tease you all with a preview of a new stamp that I have added to my shop. There might be a couple more to add after this rainy weekend!!

It's going to be a great weekend to be creative. And I'm excited to play!!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend :)


Spring Beasties...

The beasts are always cute when they are little.

Not always so much when they are bigger.

It's that time of the year, where deer are jumping fences are racing to see if they can make it across the highway before you reach the same point. Yikes!!

This little sweetie won't be racing any cars. We'll just keep it little, and cute. On a card. Or a scrapbook layout :)

Happy Tuesday!


Summertime Lemonade

Happy Tuesday!

I took yesterday off (my last personal day of the year). Now I am trying to put my brain back into school mode.

It's hard.

All I can think about are summer mornings with a cup of coffee. Hot afternoons at the river or lake. Adventures. Places we can go and play. And art. Time for drawing and being creative.

One of my kids' favorite things to do is a lemonade stand at my dad's. He lives on a prime corner (really close to main street). They set up in the shade of a lilac tree and hawk their wares all afternoon.

Looking forward to hot summer days and refreshing beverages.

You can either right click and save this "Lemonade Stand" cutie. Or you can download her "here".

Have a great day!!


Happy Mother's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Filled with fun and activities YOU enjoy.

My brain has officialy moved over to "summer mode" after our weekend of fun. It's unfortunate since we still have 3 weeks of school left. Yikes.

We drove home to Salmon with our bikes in tow. And then we rode like crazy.

A full afternoon on the race tracks and dusty off roads. Sandy (my MIL), even challenged herself and learned to drive the 4-wheeler. Three generations out being motor-heads.

On Mother's Day, we did the same. A longer ride. Some fishing. A hot springs at the end of the day with my dad. A pile of worn out kids and mom on the floor watching a program on bears in Alaska. One of the best Mother's Day adventures so far!

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms :)


Making the Most of It...

We rode our bikes again this weekend.


While we were zipping along a dirt road in the pines, I realized that we are already in summer mode. We still have 4 weeks of school, but we are already acting like it's summer.

Packing food and leaving the house on a moments notice.

Staying out late, sucking up the most of the sunshine.

Not thinking about the responsibilities and chores that we will have the following day.

Heck. We almost forgot about "school night bedtime".

When we were sitting around the table eating pizza last night, we decided that we are going to milk this summer for everything it's worth. And we started this weekend!! :)

Happy May. Bring on wildflowers, warm sunshine, the smell of hot pine, dusty roads, and high mountain lakes. We are so ready!!


A Matching Set...

Good Morning :)

Last week I posted a cute little girl and her bike. There were a few requests for a sweet boy and his bike as well.

So this week, we have Hayden and his bike:

You can either right click and save the image, or you can click "here" to download the image. Whichever works best for you.

Happy Coloring!


How Do You Dress?

Just a quick photo post.

This is how he dresses to have a rubber band war:

#personalstyle #that'smyboy #really?ducklips


Don't Shush Your Voice

I have made a few more changes to the shop. All of my prints are now digital. They will be an instant download when you purchase them. Why?

  • You can print them for journals, scrapbook pages, or any other creative project.
  • Print them as many times as you wish.
  • Send them to your local printer (Walgreen's, Costco, etc.) for any size you want (and it's cheaper too!).
  • Print them on art paper and add doodles or journaling.
  • Use them for your computer or iPhone wall paper. 
  • Anything else you can dream up to use them for!
There will be more new quotes added as well as new art soon. Summer is just around the corner!

Enjoy :)