Resolve To Not Resolve...

It's almost here.

The end of 2012 and the start of 2013.

I've never been that great at the "resolution" thing. I either forget that I made one by April, or it just doesn't work.
Things work out for me better if I have the drive and motivation to do them, and then I just do them. No point waiting for a certain time or a perfect day. If I want to do it, I set the plan in motion and I do it.

A few things that I have done recently:

  • Had my daughter hide the scale. That number does not own me...and I'm sick of letting it have a say on my day and mood.
  • Stepped outside of my comfort zone and followed my husband to the gym. I've always been a "workout DVD" girl. Not now. I go to the gym with my plan, and I do it. All by myself.
  • Started being creative for me. Not because I can sell it. I make it because I want to and because I can. I still have ideas for what might be good to put in my shop, but I only make it if I really want to :)

There will be other stepping stones and "aha" moments as I go through the next year, but really, it's just one day leading into the next. One lesson building on the last. One stone of wisdom added to the pile :)

Happy New Year!


An eBook and More...

My name and work is in an eBook!!

This is my first big illustration job and it is finally available on Amazon.

If you want to peek at it, you can look here: 40 Traditional Bed-Time Stories

There are other versions (including traditional print)...just click on the publisher's name to see their other work.

Also Mae (from Custom Mae'd on Etsy) has created some adorable Holiday Card templates.

She used one of my camper graphics and then added an adorable wreath, that makes it super festive. You can visit her shop here.



Ice Skating Rabbit

We are on the home stretch!

A few more days until our one week break. I'm really trying not to count or get to excited. But...

I am SO ready!

Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't just fly by and that it doesn't feel like it happened in a blink :)

It's Tuesday! Ready for a goodie?

This little bunny is doing something that I have never really done (much).
Roller skate - yes! Loved it.
Ice skate. Not so much.
I think there is even a pair of skates shoved away in a closet somewhere. I'd much rather just play on the ice with my snow boots on. I'll leave the fancy shmancy stuff to the bunny :)

Have a great day!


Penguin Polar Bear Present

I finished an acrylic painting!

From sketch to finished product it took me most of the week.

There were a few moments where I was pretty sure I was going to loath it, and never wanted to work on it again. Who cares if I can paint or not? But I pushed through and finished it.

Walking away is always a risk. Will you come back? Will it be worth finishing? Well, I won that round. I walked away, came back, and finished it.

When I looked at it again on the monitor, I noticed a problem with some proportion. I cheated and used Photoshop to fix it. Much happier now. I even did the "turn it upside down, flip it over, grey it out" trick. All good for the most part.

Now to figure out what I want to draw and paint next. Ideas?

Have a great weekend,


Learning Curve

There's always a learning curve. Always.

There are times where I feel I am just on the inside of the curve, about to make it around the bend, and then something else comes up and I never really make it around that curve.

It really must be a circle.

Because I KNOW that I make it past that bend. But there is never any "let's cruise for a bit" straight stretch.

My latest learning curve. Acrylic paints. And I'm working this circle with all the patience and perseverance I can muster. Why? Because my next set of circles will be digital painting. Bring on the curves!!

Here is my "dancing elf" that I also worked up as a digital stamp:

Kyla gave up on me. We spent about 2 1/2 hours coloring on Sunday. Her's will remain unfinished...she is already over it :) I came back to mine and worked on it for another hour Monday and then a bit on Tuesday.

I had already sketched out my 2nd drawing to try. After I get my art students settled,  I paint a little too. Modeling. I show them that I don't just give them assignments, I give myself assignments too :)

This one still has a load of work left to be done...but I'm happy that you can at least tell what it is supposed to be :)

Someday. One curve at a time....


Dancing Elves

Happy Tuesday.

Ready for your goodie?

I drew this one a few weeks ago, and then it sat on my shelf waiting to be cleaned up and posted.

You can download it here: Dancing Elf

I also printed it a few times for my daughter and I to practice painting. We worked on it for a few hours Sunday evening. I'll post the final piece when it's done.

Hope you have a great week!!


Retro Owl Bike


I'm still here. I promise.

Last week was probably the longest week we have had so far this year. I swear we went backwards instead of forwards somewhere around Wednesday. I was wiped by Friday.

And to make up for missing our goodie on Tuesday...I am doubling up this week.

Clip art today. Free digi tomorrow.

Click here to download this sweet owl on his bike "Owl Bike" He will be great on cards, art journal pages, or framed.

Be sure and check back tomorrow for a brand new digi as well.