Learning Curve

There's always a learning curve. Always.

There are times where I feel I am just on the inside of the curve, about to make it around the bend, and then something else comes up and I never really make it around that curve.

It really must be a circle.

Because I KNOW that I make it past that bend. But there is never any "let's cruise for a bit" straight stretch.

My latest learning curve. Acrylic paints. And I'm working this circle with all the patience and perseverance I can muster. Why? Because my next set of circles will be digital painting. Bring on the curves!!

Here is my "dancing elf" that I also worked up as a digital stamp:

Kyla gave up on me. We spent about 2 1/2 hours coloring on Sunday. Her's will remain unfinished...she is already over it :) I came back to mine and worked on it for another hour Monday and then a bit on Tuesday.

I had already sketched out my 2nd drawing to try. After I get my art students settled,  I paint a little too. Modeling. I show them that I don't just give them assignments, I give myself assignments too :)

This one still has a load of work left to be done...but I'm happy that you can at least tell what it is supposed to be :)

Someday. One curve at a time....


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