Edited Interview Podcast

Podcasting isn't something I plan to use with my 3rd and 4th graders. I love listening to them, but I am not a "talk to myself" while it's recording type of person. Not my favorite form of technology :)

Google Earth: Where Is It Slideshow, Tour, and Lesson

I created my "where is it" on Tall Tale characters for grades 3 and 4.

A Summer Road Trip (Google Earth Tour)

From Birth to Missoula

I was born in Salmon, Idaho. My family moved away for a bit and then returned when I was a little over 3. I lived there until I moved away for college. I made a huge loop and ended up really close to home. We visit often because our families are still there.

Biomes and Adaptations with Google Earth


Collaboration Assignment for Course 515

View our Google Doc on iPads for Reading

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Feel free to answer the following questions about using iPads for Reading :) 

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I've Moved!!! Visit My New Blog for Freebies: rhodadesignstudio.com/blog

Ok. Not physically...but virtually. I am no longer adding posts to this blog.

You can find my new content here:

Rhoda Design Studio: New Blog

But I am leaving all of these posts here for your reference and to make it easier to find all the fun goodies I have shared over the years. There are so many links floating around out there on the web that I could never redirect them all.

There are more resources, freebies, and more over on the new site....

Come visit my new space and leave me a comment :)


Give Thanks Even if Love Stinks

Just kidding.

Love only stinks if you are a skunk :)

I've listed a few items on eBay. I think it might be the snow and being home during the day while the kids are at school. All my creativity keeps turning to scrapbooking and card-making ideas. It's that "hibernate and create" mentality.

I've got it bad...

You can find both of these on eBay. Get them while you can!!


P.S.  Check out my new site/blog at rhodadesignstudio.com

Let it Snow...more

We have all sorts of winter around here lately.

Temperatures at -22 F.
Snow. And then more snow.
Rain. With lots of puddles that have ice under them.
More snow.
More rain.
Wet. Everything is wet.

I finally couldn't stand not being able to go for a walk, so I went anyway. By the time I came home, it looked like I had just taken a shower. Brrr.

Since it looks like it is here to stay for awhile, I figured I might as well celebrate it. Right?

If you still have winter you can use him now. Or save him for when the mood or season seems fitting :) Click the image to download or "here".

Enjoy :)


Goodbye 2014...Hello 2015

I stopped making resolutions years ago.

It didn't make sense to only start something new at a set time or date. Don't wait till Monday. Or the beginning of the month.

If you want it and are inspired to do it, then DO IT!!

Pinterest sent out an email this year about posting images/links to a board for your 2015 goals. I liked that idea better. Some things you have to work towards. You might want them now, but they take practice, or time to work up to, or to save up for.

You can view my "Bucket List for 2015" by clicking on the link :)

I've already managed to accomplish a few of these goals before we roll over into 2015.

  • 2014 was a very hard year and I spent the first half of it rehashing the past in my head. I tried working myself past it, but it almost seemed impossible. Little by little I worked through it, and finally had the epiphany to start working everyday toward the things I truly want. Part of that was learning not to have the same dialog of the past playing in my head each day. It doesn't change anything. I'm letting it go.
  • There are a few goals on my board that are physical items. I'm going to buy a new dirt bike. When I bought my first one I figured it would last me forever. Hubby suggested I might gain enough skill that it wouldn't suit me anymore, and I laughed. It's time for a new bike!
  • Technology skills. I'm spending as much time as I can each day learning. With a degree in education, I know how to set up a learning plan. I know where to find information. To save money (and speed up the process) I am using my resources to gain new knowledge and hopefully a new career.
  • Yoga. It's become my stress reduction. My new form of fitness. And the way I clear my head and focus on thoughts that matter. Challenging poses or relaxing stretches. I'm in love <3
  • Paddle boards. Time for playing in the hot sun and in the Montana water. There was a fantastic sale that popped up in my "inbox" yesterday. The plan was to buy them in the spring, but I took advantage of the sale. I'll be welcoming new toys in about a week :)

My plan is to add to that Pinterest board as the year continues, and by this time next year I will be able to look back and reflect on what I accomplished, what I let go of, and what I have gained.

Happy New Year lovelies. What are your goals for 2015?



Define Yourself...

I've offered a few brand new things in the shop. (see what I did there *wink*)

You can now purchase an original logo design, branding package, or a pre-made logo. I'm hoping to add more pre-made logos soon. Christmas break is coming and I'll have time to work :)

You can view this listing here: Branding Package. Soon there will be web development and more. Keep watching :) and if you have anything specific that you would like to see, leave me a note...


What I've Learned...

Hello :)

Did you see that fun graphic over in the sidebar?

The frog leg. (took me a minute to figure out how to phrase that one. It's not a paw. Or a claw. Appendage sounds weird. It's not necessarily his leg...but it sounds better than hand...)

Focus Rhoda!

Anyway...I added that so you can keep track of what I am learning on Team Treehouse. Every time I finish a section or topic, I earn a badge. When I finish challenges or quizzes, I earn points. It's a great way to see what topics I am becoming proficient at and what others I might be adding in soon. The points are racking up and I am learning a TON!!

If you are interested. Go have a peek :)