Define Yourself...

I've offered a few brand new things in the shop. (see what I did there *wink*)

You can now purchase an original logo design, branding package, or a pre-made logo. I'm hoping to add more pre-made logos soon. Christmas break is coming and I'll have time to work :)

You can view this listing here: Branding Package. Soon there will be web development and more. Keep watching :) and if you have anything specific that you would like to see, leave me a note...


What I've Learned...

Hello :)

Did you see that fun graphic over in the sidebar?

The frog leg. (took me a minute to figure out how to phrase that one. It's not a paw. Or a claw. Appendage sounds weird. It's not necessarily his leg...but it sounds better than hand...)

Focus Rhoda!

Anyway...I added that so you can keep track of what I am learning on Team Treehouse. Every time I finish a section or topic, I earn a badge. When I finish challenges or quizzes, I earn points. It's a great way to see what topics I am becoming proficient at and what others I might be adding in soon. The points are racking up and I am learning a TON!!

If you are interested. Go have a peek :)



What Would You Like...

Happy Friday All,

It was a long week. I don't know about you, but I am so ready for a weekend and some time to just "be". My plan is yoga, tech, and tea :)

There might be a few chores mixed in there. Like cleaning and grocery shopping. But those things definitely will not be my main focus!

I am still absorbing as much information as I can possibly find on Web Development. And I have been practicing. I finished a site for a friend. You can view "Moments by Sara Jean" live! It's even responsive for all types of devices which makes me very happy.

My goal is to have a few website packages available in my Etsy shop around the first of the new year. If you have something specific you would like to see such as graphics, color scheme, or a theme, leave me a comment and I will work it into my plans :) 

I will also be creating a listing for a custom site. If there is an idea that you have been mulling over for awhile, now is your chance to put it into action!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sprucing it Up...

Hello World!

Are you still out there reading? This place has been abandoned. I can't really say that my interests changed, I just lost my mojo.

Then summer came along and I decided it was time to take a break after I finished a few classes and just play.

And I did.

We rode our dirt bikes, went kayaking, played on paddle boards, swam at the lake and river, soaked in hot springs, did yoga, and lounged in my new hammock anyplace I could think to set it up!

Now that winter is settling in...I am doing some "house keeping". My shop is updated, the blog and my facebook page have a new look, and soon I will be offering my services for Web Design and Blog Templates. I have been fiendishly learning and applying some new skills and I am excited to be adding to my abilities. 

Hope you are all doing well...see you back here soon :)


Let it Snow...more

We have all sorts of winter around here lately.

Temperatures at -22 F.
Snow. And then more snow.
Rain. With lots of puddles that have ice under them.
More snow.
More rain.
Wet. Everything is wet.

I finally couldn't stand not being able to go for a walk, so I went anyway. By the time I came home, it looked like I had just taken a shower. Brrr.

Since it looks like it is here to stay for awhile, I figured I might as well celebrate it. Right?

If you still have winter you can use him now. Or save him for when the mood or season seems fitting :) Click the image to download or "here".

Enjoy :)


Swimming in the Pond...

My niece asked me a few months ago to draw a picture of herself, her sister, and the cousins as animals, swimming in a pond.

I started the animals, and then didn't go back to the drawing until last month. Then I started coloring it and life interrupted.

Now. After 3 weeks, I finally have it finished. I just need to get prints made for each of the kids and a few friends :)

I colored it with Copic markers. It's on a piece of 17 x 22 inch bristol. My second big piece with Copics. It's time consuming, but fun!


Hearts and Sugar

We are sneaking up on that special day in February.

Not really one of my favorites. But I do have a few things I like about it.

When I was in college I used to deliver flowers for the local florist. I LOVED that. There is nothing better than the smell of roses and the smile on someones face when you show up at their door with a handful of them.

I also liked the way my dad gave us Valentines. It was usually some small trinket and he would take them to the ladies in the local bakery early. They would make each of us girls a small personal cake and our trinket would be hiding inside.

No cakes or roses here this week. But I do have a free digi for you :)

You can right click and save the image or you can click "here" to download it :)

Enjoy your week!



As I typed the title, I realized it could suggest a sewing machine or a musical artist.

I think we will stick with the sewing machine for now :)

I don't know about you, but I like to be a "singer" but only when I drive :) Kyla and I took a trip to Northern Idaho last weekend. The car was filled with music the whole way there and back. Sometimes, you just need to surround yourself with music and sing! Other times you need to surround yourself with bright fun fabrics and let the machine sing!

Enjoy :) you can click the image to download it or click "here" to download the file.

Happy February!


Who Wants Ice Cream?

Happy Tuesday!

It's been awhile since I have posted a free digi. Hope you are still checking in every now and then.

After I get my drawing and coloring fix, I am hoping to make a few new sets for Etsy and some more fun things to offer here. Fingers crossed that I get to it :)

You can right click to save this weeks goodie or you can click "here" to download it.

Hope you all have a great week :)


Can You Hear Crickets...

Hi All,

Is January over yet? This really hasn't been my favorite month.

Between sickness, death, dreary days, and just all round "blah" I am ready to be moving on.

Spring is calling :)

There will be a freebie listed tomorrow. I had some ready to be worked up, and then forgot about them in all the chaos. They are still just sitting on my computer. Waiting to be finished. They were snow related. Hopefully I get to them before it's spring and I am drawing flowers :)

I did take some time to draw and color this past week. This picture was in my favorites over on Deviant Art. I really wanted to color something, so I drew it out on some 14 x 17 bristol paper and then colored it with Copic markers.

Today I matted it and now one of my art students will build it a frame. I am giving him the original :) I will probably get another photo of it or a scan and then make some prints for my nieces and anyone else who wants one.

I also started another drawing of some animals swimming in a pond. My niece requested it last spring and I am finally getting to it.

Here's to the end of January!!