Let it Snow...more

We have all sorts of winter around here lately.

Temperatures at -22 F.
Snow. And then more snow.
Rain. With lots of puddles that have ice under them.
More snow.
More rain.
Wet. Everything is wet.

I finally couldn't stand not being able to go for a walk, so I went anyway. By the time I came home, it looked like I had just taken a shower. Brrr.

Since it looks like it is here to stay for awhile, I figured I might as well celebrate it. Right?

If you still have winter you can use him now. Or save him for when the mood or season seems fitting :) Click the image to download or "here".

Enjoy :)



  1. Thanks for the image!
    Here I have a kind of similar weather, snow and cold days yet to come...
    I long for spring.....
    Ardilla :)

  2. When you can't beat em - join em!! Thanks for the snowman. I think winter is really holding on this year.. but I am ready to see it gone!! Kudos to you for your bravery in going out!!

  3. We used to live in CO and don't miss the snow, especially this year! Thanks for the great image.