Valentine's Day Sale...

I have just marked down a number of items in my shop!! Figured it was a great way to "share the love" this month :)

There hasn't been as much time as I would like to add or create new items. Hopefully, I can get around to making all those ideas in my head manifest into creations. One can always dream...right? :)

Happy Monday,

Word of the Year...

I finished working on my "worksheet".
(I would share the link...but I found it in a round about way and can't remember how...)
It helps you determine what it is about your word that will work for you in the coming year. Why it's important. What aspects of self change you are going to use it for. I think that helped with my nagging feeling.
I plan to write it all in my 2nd Remains of the Day journal to cement it for myself. I shared it with my sister (who helped me set my goals) and then I gave it to my husband to read. My intention is now set!
Later, I will share bits and pieces of it for those of you were are still looking for inspiration, or are just plain curious :)

Happy Wednesday!!

Wanting, Searching...


I'm not sure what it is. Something is nagging me. I feel it in my stomach. It affects my mood. What is it?

I don't have a clue. I just know that I feel it. Something should be clicking, falling into place. But it's not.

Sometimes I feel like I have Internet induced A.D.D. But I know that the Internet is just my excuse. I come back to the computer each time I don't want to face what I am trying to do. Each time I think something will be challenging. The computer is my scapegoat.

What is it I am avoiding?

What is missing?

Wondering and Yearning,