Tomorrow It Starts...

Tomorrow is the big day.
Another year of school.
I'm almost getting to the point where I forget how many years I have been teaching. And it really hasn't been that long yet. I end up counting the grades I have taught. Now that I will be teaching Art for the second year, I will have to find a new way to keep track of the time :)

And. I promised pictures of my newly painted kitchen. I know it's been forever, but that has just been the way this month is going. I can't believe I am saying this, but a slow winter is looking good...(shhh!! pretend I didn't say that!)

The kitchen before:

And then the kitchen after it was painted, but before the knobs and drawer pulls came in (the lighting was better this day, so it's a good thing I took them when I did).

And then the final product when everything is finally back where it belongs. Knobs and pulls are in place. It's amazing what some paint, a new piece of furniture, and some hardware will do for a small space!!

And a visit from a super hero. He's always fighting crime and looking for another adventure:

Hope you have a wonderful August and beginning of September. I promise to be back soon (we will have Labor Day weekend to still play, after all *wink*).


Last Days

It's official.
We are down to the last few days of summer. Literally. Few. No more, soon to be less!

My last two weeks were jam packed. One week of work (Rewriting Montana State Standards for the Visual Arts). That sounds like loads of fun huh?! Long days. Tons of brain work, but I did start to get a little more excited for the school year.

Then, one week of sister and babies. We played. Swimming. Movies. Baseball game. And then I had to give them back. That was the hard part. It would be so nice to live only an hour apart. Or even better, across the street from each other ;)

Now. Thoughts of my classroom are swirling in my brain. I need to be in my room setting up for the year. Lesson planning. Scheduling. Year plan. All that fun stuff.

On the home front. I'm going to revamp the kitchen cupboards and pantry now that I have redone the appearance. Time to start clean eating. Whole family style. Soon we will all be lean, mean, active machines :)

I know I promised pics of the kitchen. Hubby just finished putting the drawer pulls on for me, so I will get the final pic and post it this evening or tomorrow. Promise.

Time to enjoy those last few days...


Play Time

I've been thinking about this for a few days now.

Then I go off and find something else to do and completely forget about it.

And now, I have remembered what I wanted to do, again. And I am doing it.

A free coloring page. Printable art. Something to use in your art journal. It is limited only by your imagination.

To receive your free coloring/art page, click on the image above. It will open in a new page or tab. Right click and save image (for Mac users hold down the control button and click, then save the image). After you save the image, please leave me a comment below. Tell me what you plan to do with your free art...or just say hi :)

Print and play.
Color in a photo editing program.
Whatever your heart desires.

Happy Playing!


P.S. All I ask is that you do not use my art in anything you plan to sell :)


Today, I am off to the big city to find the perfect side table and trash can.
Never thought that a sentence like that would cross my lips.

I buy things as I stumble on them, I don't usually go looking for things. Unless it's art supplies and books. Those things I search out on a regular basis. In fact, I think a coffee and browse at Barnes and Noble might be in order.
Hubby is going too.
It's a date to shop.
I won't mention that I have to hit Costco as well. I'm trying to pretend it's just a fun trip ;)

I have knobs on order for the cabinets. Draw pulls for the drawers. Chalk board paint. That's going to be SO much fun!

When it is all put back together, I will post a picture. I have a before photo as well. Do you want it now, or together with the after photo?


Flowers and Barbed Wire

I was patient.
I've worked on this for a number of days.
Set it aside.
Worked again.
And now that it is done, I am thinking that my kitchen needs an over haul so that I can hang this on the wall as an accent.

I will post before and after photos. Painting door jams outside in the sun must have damaged my brain. I have never been a "design and decorate the house" kind of gal.
I feel this strange compulsion coming over me.
The paint store and I are about to be great friends!!


Grid Love

This was the challenge that first caught my eye. Not sure how I even came across Michelle Ward's blog and creativity crusades, but this one hooked me!

I thought I had missed the due date and that was that, but I played with the idea anyway. Then Michelle informed me that I could post a link anyway, not to worry about the dates.

Here is my Grid Lock (Love):

It is composed of all the different papers that have caught my eye over the years and that I have used to make a creation. Either for myself, or to be sold, sometimes both.

Each and everyone hold a happy thought and a bit of inspiration.

Each one makes me happy!


Goodies For...

One of you lucky blog readers will be getting a package in the mail by the end of the week.

I love doing giveaways, but I always want everyone to win. If only, huh?

Thanks to the "random number generator" I don't have to choose the winner. I just do what the numbers tell me.

And this is what they told me:

Comment number 2.
Butterfly collection for the play room/craft room

I loved your things. Your etsy site was adorable. I had a hard time choosing which journal I liked the best. I would love a journal with lined paper. I know, not as beautiful, but more practical for me.

Thanks for sharing and showing us your etsy site.

The winner is Liz (fivewinks). I hope you enjoy your butterfly collection, clay trinket (I make them and then stash them *wink*), and embellishments.

Thank you to everyone who viewed my Etsy Shop and was kind enough to leave constructive criticism. If you go look again, you will see that I am already starting to make some of the changes that were suggested.

Now that the fun is done, I am off to take the kids for a picnic and swimming at the lake.

Happy Sunday,


It's Groovy

Groovy Gal Designs Online--Home of the Groovy Finds

I had the most exciting news in my email a few days ago!!

Jo Claire over at Groovy Gal Designs chose one of my journals to as a "Groovy Find". You can see it with all of the other groovy goodies that she has chosen. There are some pretty fun items. All worth browsing and clicking through.

I've already started a wish list :)

There will be more exciting news this afternoon. Somebody will be winning a fun goodie package because they were kind enough to offer some positive critiques on my Etsy shop in the comments section. There is still time to add yours if you haven't yet. Visit the "What Do You See" post for all the details.

Be back soon,