Tomorrow It Starts...

Tomorrow is the big day.
Another year of school.
I'm almost getting to the point where I forget how many years I have been teaching. And it really hasn't been that long yet. I end up counting the grades I have taught. Now that I will be teaching Art for the second year, I will have to find a new way to keep track of the time :)

And. I promised pictures of my newly painted kitchen. I know it's been forever, but that has just been the way this month is going. I can't believe I am saying this, but a slow winter is looking good...(shhh!! pretend I didn't say that!)

The kitchen before:

And then the kitchen after it was painted, but before the knobs and drawer pulls came in (the lighting was better this day, so it's a good thing I took them when I did).

And then the final product when everything is finally back where it belongs. Knobs and pulls are in place. It's amazing what some paint, a new piece of furniture, and some hardware will do for a small space!!

And a visit from a super hero. He's always fighting crime and looking for another adventure:

Hope you have a wonderful August and beginning of September. I promise to be back soon (we will have Labor Day weekend to still play, after all *wink*).


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