Grid Love

This was the challenge that first caught my eye. Not sure how I even came across Michelle Ward's blog and creativity crusades, but this one hooked me!

I thought I had missed the due date and that was that, but I played with the idea anyway. Then Michelle informed me that I could post a link anyway, not to worry about the dates.

Here is my Grid Lock (Love):

It is composed of all the different papers that have caught my eye over the years and that I have used to make a creation. Either for myself, or to be sold, sometimes both.

Each and everyone hold a happy thought and a bit of inspiration.

Each one makes me happy!



  1. Great grid page; a real inspiration! You weren't the only one to be late!

  2. Rhoda - I'm so happy you went ahead and tried the grid! This is a fabulous *evidence* page of what styles have caught your eye at this moment. Love hearing that these little clippings help you to recall happy creations. Perfect!!