Lazy Summer Days...

But what happened to the lazy part?
I feel like my "to-do" list keeps growing.
My "do for fun" list never gets touched.
Don't get me wrong. The days are good. I'm just not sure that what I am doing each day is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. I keep having an "is that all?" feeling.

We need to do something different. Something fun. Something satisfying. But what is that?
Guess I will keep looking...

Somewhere in my wanderings, I did finish a few paintings. Two of my favorites are listed in my etsy shop.

Take a peek if you get a minute :)

Happy Summer...whatever you may be doing.


Is it Summer Yet?

I am sitting here.
On my butt.
Waiting for this training to be over.

The sun is finally shining. I can't go out and enjoy it.
A book would be nice.
An ice tea and a magazine.
Some yoga in the shade.
But here I sit...

The kids are playing at the park. And eating ice cream. Lucky to have a good kid to watch them and take them out and about.

I'll just sit here...and wait :)

10 Things Tuesday

Ten things on my mind today:

1. I can't believe I am sitting on my butt again today!

2. What am I missing at home, while I sit here on my butt...

3. I should workout when I get home...or maybe a walk...or both.

4. Someday, the sun will shine here in Montana.

5. I would like to start another art project. What can I do that is artsy while I am on the go?

6. Then things is a lot! I'm obviously not thinking about much.

7. What are my sisters doing today? Can I play too?!

8. I need a good book.

9. and some new music. Something that GRABS me.

10. I think I will go blog hopping now :)

The End...or The Beginning

I have officially made it through all of the "Complex Collage" lessons.
I did my version of each one.

Class is over.
Only, I have just begun!
Ideas are swirling faster than I can mix paint. And right as I build momentum...I have to stop.
For 3 days this week I will be sitting at school, learning a new program for grades and attendance. Do you know how hard it is to sit there with all these ideas in my head?

After that, I will be driving to Nampa, Idaho to visit one sister and take another to the airport. She will be leaving for London. And from there, to a cruise ship for 9 months of employment with a prestigious salon. I want to be packed in her bags!

Eating and Sleeping...

I used to paint. Then I had kids.
My creative outlet became scrapbooking. Easier to contain. Easier to clean. Easier to walk away from and not worry about coming back to a mess made by creative monsters.

Now, I've found an online class for painting and mixed media collage. Bring on the mess.

Here is one of the paintings for the color class:
Fun, but not nearly as exciting as doing an image transfer. I have been dreaming of pages. Ideas are swirling. If I could just have a few un-interupted days. Can you imagine? :)
I keep thinking that this one needs more:
I was thinking about a word written in a swirly font. Not sure which word to choose. Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Add them here. Help me get my brain moving!

I'm off to create. . .


Loving Learning...

I have signed up for another online art class (actually 2). I can't seem to stop myself. Learning on my own has never been a problem. Online classes in college were awesome. Now that I can find classes on art, I am in heaven.Here are the classes/workshops I am taking:

Color Beyond the Basics

Complex Collage

There are videos, pdf files, message boards, and GREAT information. The cost is great (especially compared to information you receive). I've been obsessed :)
Here is an image that I created in the last few days. My favorite so far, but I know there will be others:
Okay. I'm off to play. Keep checking back. I promise to try and post a little more. One of these days I will be better at it...