It's Bear-able...


It's time for a free goodie.

And we can celebrate a little because even though it's Tuesday, it is officially the middle of this school week. Our fair is always on Labor Day weekend. And the majority of our kids either participate in fair events, or will be there hanging out. We don't have school Thurs.-Mon.

It's nice to ease into the new school year this way. We get to start back up, become exhausted, and then have a loooonng weekend to recover :)

Makes things a little more bear-able. Sorry. Couldn't resist :)

This little cutie will be perfect for cards, scrapbook pages, and more! If you can dress it up any way you choose, or check out some of the already "dressed" ones in my shop:

Looking for digital stamps to color and decorate your own way? They are in my Etsy shop.

Hope you are having a wonderful matter how long it ends up being. 


Always Unique...


Dang! Already?

And school with students. I'm pretty sure that summer just goes by faster and faster each year! Between working in my classroom and getting the household ready to go, I have managed a few projects.

Want a sneak peek for Tuesday's auction listing?

It took a few nights, and a LOAD of paper. I used every last scrap of a packet of Basic Grey. Holy moly :)

I also managed some drawing time:

They are both listed in my shop:

I'm hoping to have a free file listed by tomorrow. We'll see how the evening goes :) It's amazing how tiring school can be the first few days! I might just come home and fall on the floor...not moving for a bit.

Here's to another school year,


Dog Gone Cute...

Happy Monday.

This is it. The last day of our summer break. Tomorrow we go back on a schedule. Back to work.

I ran a few errands today and then spent the rest of the day doing exactly what I wanted: working with paper!

It's a fun mini album that I created from scratch. The paper piecings are my daughter's art. You can find them in my shop:

It's just Dog-Gone Cute!

And to celebrate the coming change in the seasons...I have posted a Fall Fun title. I'll try to post a free digital stamp this week as well :)

Well...that got lengthy didn't it :) Okay. I'm done for now.



Quick Preview...

Happy Sunday!

It's our last free one before school starts. I spent most of the day driving home from my sister's...but still have enough time to feel like I get a day at home as well.

That's what getting up at 5:30 does for you.
Gives you the feeling that you can have a two for one :)

Who knew?!!

We had fun. Reading and coffee at Barnes and Noble. Shopping in Archiver's. It's a good thing there isn't a store like that near checkbook couldn't handle it!

Helped her get some chores done. Those things that you just can't manage when you are chasing around two little ones.

Then we went school shopping. It's fun having new clothes, even if it does cost a pretty penny to restock the closets for all four of us. One of the drawbacks of all going back to school together every year :)

I was suckered into doing a "movie preview" survey. It was just a "quick" one. Yup. Almost 10 minutes of answering redundant questions about a movie that will be showing this Christmas season. Fun to see a new preview, annoying to answer the same question in 3 different ways. Oh well. I don't mind doing it too much. Part of me always sympathizes with the employee. I worked at a survey place while I was in college. Blah!

How about a fun preview? The good kind :)

I worked on this when a I had a few minutes to myself this past week (usually when I was up earlier than everyone else...or up later) and then finished it this afternoon. I'm excited to post the rest of it. Stay tuned. The listing for it will start tomorrow evening on eBay. All of the remaining 25 pictures will be posted. Holy Moly!!

Have a great evening,


More Card Making

When I mentioned that I made a pile of cards...I wasn't kidding :)

I didn't even realize how many I had made until I started cleaning off the top of my workbench. There were a stack of cards! Christmas gifts for the mother-in-law are all done:

School starts on Aug. 27th. As a teacher, the first day will be the 22nd.

Aaahhhh!! That's just around the corner.

I ran away from home to see my sister one more time before I am stuck in Montana for the winter. We are planning a trip to Barnes and Noble. Coffee. Maybe Archiver's. Some time on the green way...and anything else we can cram into the next three days!

Before I left, I added a little bit more to my shop. Love this title...wish I could be home drinking my coffee this morning and playing with paper:

My paper supplies and cutter just do not pack well for travel :)

Have a great rest of the week,


Merry Monday...

The family spent the weekend in Salmon.

What did I do you ask. Anything I wanted :)

Kidding. I was a bachelor-ette all weekend though. No set meal times. Ate what I wanted. Drank to much coffee. Stayed up late. Tried to sleep in, but it doesn't seem to be working for me lately.
Went fly fishing. Set up my new website. Played with my Silhouette. Perfect!

Here are my latest creations:

I'll be listing them on eBay this evening :) It's always nice to share the fun...besides, with all the creating I do, if I kept it all we would have to buy a second house to store it all. Tee hee.

Have a great (crafty) week!



I am back in the paper habit. My scrapbook room calls to me, and I answer :)

There have been new layouts.

New paper piecing sets.

And lots and lots of cards!

I submitted a couple of these to a publication call. Alas, they weren't chosen. But...that just means I can share them with you now!


We're Adding On...

Finally had some time to play. We ran all over the Western part of the state.
Big Sky
Big Hole
Home....I learned to fly fish. I'm addicted! Can't wait to go out and do it again :)

I've also been a tech head (it's what I do when I am not taking classes, working, or being creative). It's always related to creativity in some way or another though.

There are now SVG files listed in my Etsy shop. A number of fun files to use with the cutting machine of your choice :) Apple of My Eye is one of my favorites I think. I drew them in the car on the way home from Big Sky.


Watch Your Mailbox!

Happy Saturday Morning!

It's time. Someone will be the proud new owner of a pile of fun...

This is the hard part. The easy part is giving it away. The hard part is choosing someone to send it to. I really wish I could send you all a sweet little something in the mail. Fun mail. Not junk mail. Bright, cheery, make you smile kind of mail.

Guess I will just have to keep cleaning my craft supplies out and saving my change for postage :)

Here you go:

Mom in Training 3 aka Laura Maxwell (who even posted on Twitter) you will be getting a super fun box in the mail sometime next week :)

Thank you all so very much for visiting, participating, and for liking me on Facebook. We should do it again soon!!


Just Batty...

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is the big day for the "Pile-o-Fun" drawing. If you haven't commented on that post for a chance to win yet, you can do that here: Fun Pile

I figured it was time for a fun digital freebie as well.

This time I am doing something a little different. There are also SVG, EPS, and SCAL files in the folder.

What does that mean?

It means that if you have a handy dandy cutter (Silhouette, Wishblade, etc.) you can cut the file out without having to alter a jpg or png file in any way. I have done the work for you. Sweet!!

Here you go: Halloween Batty Title

A super fun piece that is ready for your creative endeavors :)

This is what I made with it:

It is currently for sale on eBay. That's where all the extra creations usually end up :)

Hope you have a great weekend!


My Last Assignment...

I finished my figure drawing earlier this week (still have one more quiz, but no more major drawing sessions...phew!).

Today, I finished the last of the inking on my comic. All submitted. All done with that class :) I plan on playing this weekend.

I promised I would share:

It was intense. Time consuming. But I'm pretty happy with it :) It is based on true events...our cat is fat. Super fat. And he has managed to get himself stuck in the washer a few times. We have all learned to leave the lid down when we are done with the wash (even though it is super funny when he gets stuck in there and all you hear is a faint "meow").

Don't forget to post a comment and share a link on Facebook about the giveaway for a chance to win. Saturday is the day!!