It's Bear-able...


It's time for a free goodie.

And we can celebrate a little because even though it's Tuesday, it is officially the middle of this school week. Our fair is always on Labor Day weekend. And the majority of our kids either participate in fair events, or will be there hanging out. We don't have school Thurs.-Mon.

It's nice to ease into the new school year this way. We get to start back up, become exhausted, and then have a loooonng weekend to recover :)

Makes things a little more bear-able. Sorry. Couldn't resist :)

This little cutie will be perfect for cards, scrapbook pages, and more! If you can dress it up any way you choose, or check out some of the already "dressed" ones in my shop:

Looking for digital stamps to color and decorate your own way? They are in my Etsy shop.

Hope you are having a wonderful matter how long it ends up being. 



  1. Thaqnks for sharing the cute little bear.

  2. Your bears are adorable and sweet!!! I'm a bear fanatic!!! Teaching third grade allowed me to use "cutsey" stuff in my classroom....they loved it and so did I!!

    So glad I found you today...I have both your blog and Etsy site bookmarked! Oh, and yes, I had already liked you on Facebook!!