A Crafty Weekend...

We took advantage of the long weekend, and just stayed home!

Thursday we made a quick run to the big city to finish our school shopping (that's really fun with all four of us going back to school each year!).

The rest of the weekend, I played in my scrapbook supplies. The kids went to the fair with friends. Chris and Kyla did some grouse hunting and then he went out looking for deer with his bow. It was the perfect segue into our fall routines :)

I made two more mini albums. The "Uniquely You" is still up on eBay. I figure if it doesn't sell, it will be the perfect gift for our former exchange student :)

I am really in love with the two I made this weekend...and I am already scheming and planning my next two which will be completely different. Go figure huh?

Wanna sneak a peek?

Both of those albums will be listed on eBay as the week progresses :) Loads of photos of each.
Chris thought I should make a video of them, but it's sort of hard to hold the camera and operate the albums with one hand and still keep it all steady. Phew! He is working out a way to put my phone or the flip camera on a tripod for me. That should be fun...

I also completed a few layouts. This one is currently listed: 2 Cute 2 Spook

The second will be listed later this week. Can't put all that fun crafty goodness out there all at once you know :)

Hope you have a great Labor Day!


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