Fall is Creeping Up...

Happy Tuesday,

It's been forever since I posted a freebie, but I managed to pull one together this morning!

I'm trying to ignore it, but thoughts of fall have been sneaking up on me. Crisp mornings, changing colors, the smell of apples, and sweatshirts.

I start to miss my cuddly clothes. :)

I don't think I could ever live somewhere that didn't have all four seasons. I love each one and always look forward to the changes and adventures that each one brings.

Here's to fall:

You can click the image to save it, or click "here" to download it.

Happy coloring! :)


Paper is Calling...

Good Morning,

We are almost at the end of July. How did that happen?!

Our days have been spent running around the state, riding our motorcycles, walking to the river, splashing in the lake, and taking advantage of every spare moment we have.

Summer at it's best!

I have neglected my blog. Ignored my paper collection. Avoided pencil and paper.

They are starting to call to me. Playing has been a nice break, but I am ready to spend some time being creative.

I did scrapbook...a little:

And I made a card:

And a new design for the shop:

I have ideas for a few new designs...but I'm not sure how long I will hold still. The lake is calling. I'm sure that by this fall, I will be ready to settle down and spend some time creating. Maybe when the hubby goes MIA for archery season :)

Hope you all are enjoying the month of July as well. Let's hit the pause button...I really want it to last a little longer!