Just Beachy...

I took the kids swimming again today. Little fish. It was all I could do to get them out of the pool and home for dinner.

And in between swimming, sunshine, and dinner out on the deck, I managed to finish a new collection of papers and clip art. It's a perfect set for summer fun. It's Just Beachy :)

I can't wait to create a layout with these papers. And the clip art...they make me smile:

What do you think?


How About It?

A sneak peek? Maybe?

I've been working most of the day on my next set of brushes and paper. Wondered if you might like a sneak peek.

I had to run to Missoula yesterday, and while I waited in the Doctor's Office FOREVER, I doodled. Now I color. In different mediums to see which way I like best.
Markers = Nah.
Colored Pencil = Okay.
Computer = Not done yet.

Stay tuned. I'll show more as I work :)


Sketch a Layout


Happy Tuesday. I figured, we can all use something fun and creative on a Tuesday. I started my day off making this, and figured I would share it with you :)

All you have to do, is dig through your gorgeous pile of papers and create a layout. No need to think about what to put on it or where, just follow the map.
Need a bigger challenge?
See if you can do it in less than 30 minutes.
That's right.
No time to sit and second guess yourself.
Just go for it!

Hey! It's Template Tuesday!


P.S. Need something to add to your digital scrapbooking collection? Check out this post.

Just For You...

Happy Friday!
I've been busy playing with my computer. Husband is starting to regret this purchase I think :) It's bad when you name it and start referring to it by that name!
I love it.
Can't help it.

Currently, I'm taking a couple of classes from Jessica Sprague. Adobe Illustrator is proving to be my favorite. Can't sleep at night, there are so many ideas and things floating in my head.

One of those ideas was sprucing up my blog. Did that.
And then I thought "a Giveaway would be fun".
Here we go.
Just for you!
All I ask is that you leave me a comment and check out my Facebook or Twitter. They are both located in the sidebar as well. If you like this kit, there are plenty other fun things in my Etsy shop.

Download it by clicking HERE
Once it has downloaded, you will need to unzip it.

On a Mac, you just double click on the zipped folder.

For Windows Right-click the zipped file and select Extract all. Follow the prompts to save the file to your desired location.


Have a great weekend :)


Our Weekend in the Wild


The weekend was full of adventure. I'm not sure how we have ended up on Tuesday already.

Horseback riding in the Bob Marshall Wilderness was amazing. It was one mini-adventure after another...including a grizzly bear in our path!

Me and my horse Maverick. He was great other than the moment we both were spooked by the dog. A little bit of crow hopping and yelping by me. It all worked out in the end :)


Kyla while her horse takes a minute to snack. Oops. What happened to "No Eating".


Hayden's last-minute check to make sure he knows the difference between his left and right hand. Just in case :)

And the whole family on a photo break. The view was amazing. Even though we were soaking wet from the rain by the time we finished, we loved every second of it.

Now. What shall we do next? :)


New Papers!


After a day away playing (we took the kids to the Bob Marshall Wilderness up near Swan Valley, MT to go horseback riding!), I have created a few new paper packs for the shop. Super fun designs and colors. My favorite sets yet. I think they will just keep getting better :)

And, a new addition to my shop, clip art. Butterflies, ice cream, and more to come!

If you haven't already, sign up to follow me on Twitter. And check out my Facebook page. All sorts of nerdy ways to keep tabs on me! I LOVE being a nerd :)



Happy Birthday!

My son is 8 today. How time flies.

When I look at pictures of him now, or glimpse him out of the corner of my eye, you can see the big kid he is becoming.

And when I look at picture of him when he was little, it makes me sad to see how little and sweet he was. It didn't take long for him to morph into a typical boy! :)

Happy Birthday Hayden Bean!



(digital supplies created by Rhoda Toynbee. Vintage Patriot kits. Template by Scrapping w/ Liz)

Sweet Baby!

I used a few of the new kits in my Etsy Shop to create a layout of my niece. She was only a day or two old when I took the photos. Love those baby toes and ears :)

It's impressive how much faster it is to scrap with a computer. I still love the feel and look of paper, but the digital has it's advantages. Think I'll end up being a hybrid. Fine with me :) I'd imagine, it ends up being the best of both worlds!

Time to draw and create some more.

Happy Monday,


It's Up and Running

My new Digital Designs are now available on Etsy. I've listed pattern papers, cardstocks, frames, and a full kit.

I'm super excited and can't wait to start another set :)

I've also started a page on Facebook. I plan to have a few giveaways as the number of fans reaches key numbers (think 25, 50, 75, 100, etc.) Tell your friends and lets have some fun!

See you soon :)


I'm moving...

I've decided to switch over to WordPress (works better with the new site I am creating and my iPhone).

Please follow me over there:

I'm staying right here. Wordpress in a pain in my &##((@    :)
I did change my blog name.
Don't forget to update your bookmarks :)