It's All Crazy!!

Where did the last week go? Anyone see it?

I think it went that way ------->

Who knows. All I know is that it's a blur and that my "to do" list grew this week, instead of shrinking.

Tons of after school things this week. Lots going at school too. And I have a load of art to get finished for a client.

When it rains it pours...and sometimes, that really isn't a bad thing :)

With that said, I am just popping in for a quick "Hey! How's it going?" and then I am gone again. Here is your Tuesday goodie. I'm mixing it up a bit and giving you some digital stickers:

You can download them "HERE".
If you want them to be black and white for coloring, you can always switch them up a bit in your photo editor. Try going black and white and then deleting the greyscale.

Happy Tuesday!


Home Again, Home Again

Well hello there :)

It's been a whirl wind the past few days. And without service (and too busy playing) I didn't manage any blog posts.

My sister trip was amazing. Again.

Lots of laughing. Mostly at ourselves. Silly pictures. Good food. Adventures.

I'm bummed that it's over. It seemed to go way to fast this time. Doubling the time would have been better...

We dropped the little sister off on Saturday evening. Sunday morning I drove the middle sister home to Salmon to meet up with her husband and kids and then I turned around to come home. I was literally in the house for 15 minutes and then gone again.

Two days with the Student Council kids in Helena, Montana. Busy chasing and shuttling, and sometimes just waiting. I did get to see the Capitol. Beautiful artwork. And this city has some amazing architecture and old old houses. Tons of history and character. I will be coming back to play again (with my kids and probably my sisters too!!).

I have a treat for you today...and some ideas for new ones coming up. Stay tuned :)

Here's today's:

It's snowing here in Montana...and I am clinging to my last thoughts of warm weather. Let the countdown to warmer weather begin :)

Have a great Tuesday!


Adventure Time...

It's almost that time again. And I am so excited!

Sister Trip!!

We have at least 2 Hot Springs on our list. Shopping in Missoula. Barnes and Noble. And then whatever we can find to entertain ourselves stuffed into the spare moments.

There was some time to doodle this week and I am still working on breaking my Halloween mood. Maybe once I color these and make a few things with them it will be quenched.

You can find all of these new digital stamps in my shop. I've sectioned out the "NEW" ones. It makes it loads easier to navigate :)

I'll post pictures of my sister trip when I return. Have a great weekend!


Sew Much Fun...

Happy Tuesday!

It's time for another free file. I made this one in my sketchbook awhile ago, but finally just managed to get it made up for digital use.

It's "Sew Much Fun" (click the title to download). These images will be great on cards, labels, or gift tags.

There are also a few new stamps in my shop, if you get a minute, stop by :)

Have a great day!


More To Color...

Good Morning!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was pretty quiet. We kept waiting for the weather to go all stormy, but it never really managed to make it.

Friday night I had a date with my hubby. We each grabbed our iPods, set up a playlist, and then went riding on our dirt bikes:

This is my "Mommy-Ha". Kyla was 2 when we first bought it, and she always thought we were saying Mommy-ha instead of Yamaha. It stuck :)

We rode until almost dark, came home and parked the bikes, and then walked downtown for dinner. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday, Kyla was moved up to the 8th grade volleyball team and played in the season tournament. We spent the morning cheering her on.

And then Sunday was lazy day. We all found projects and things to do. I completed a few new digi stamps and did some coloring. Hopefully, I'll have cards to post later in the week.

Stay tuned for this weeks freebie. It will be posted tomorrow :)

Have a great day!!


Go Put Your Record On...


There have been so many songs flowing through my head lately.

Friday (due to the theme) was an 80's night. We even jammed to Pat Benatar on the way into town.

Saturday morning I tortured my sister with some T-Pain and Flo Rida. Not my favorite artists but Apple Bottom Jeans kept getting stuck in my head. Zumba does that to a person.

Yesterday I was running around singing the new Train song: "Got run over by a crappy purple scion".

And this morning while I prepped the give away?

Corrine Bailey Rae

"Go put your records on, play me your favorite song"

You can download this 45 digi stamp here.

I sometime joke that my music on my phone is the soundtrack to my life. All jokes aside, it really is. Think about a song and there are sure to be memories and images that come with it.

What's your current soundtrack?



This weekend we whooped it up Diva style :)

There were so many events it was hard to choose which ones we wanted to do. We spent Friday and Saturday just go-go-going.

Friday night it was dinner out with the girls, then an 80's Flashmob to support Breast Cancer Awareness. We were going to do some Zumba in the Club, but we were all so tired and had a major day to look forward to on Saturday.

It was cold, but so much fun. We went all pink and 80's and then danced to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. I forgot how many choices there were for 80's style clothes. I could have used three or four more days so I could get through all the ones I wanted. 

Saturday morning we woke up and drove into Missoula for the annual "Diva Day" which is a 5K race that only women participate in, with costumes. FUN!!

We were part of the Bitterroot Justice League and went as the "Fantastic Four". After our walk/race we had breakfast, did some shopping at Costco, lounged at Barnes and Noble, and then drove home.

Phew! It was a whirl wind two days and we had no problem just being bums on Sunday. A good book and a comfy spot. 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :)



It's to soon to start thinking about Christmas. We still have fall break, Thanksgiving, holiday concerts and more between now and then. And honestly, there are other holidays that I enjoy so much more.

What I do enjoy are the colors and images. And while I am still LOVING Halloween (even more than most years) I have started to feel the tug of Christmas images.

If you are the type to get ready early or maybe even start counting the number of shopping days well in advance, then today's free file is for you :)

It even includes 3 digital papers: X-Mas Stamps. Click on the title to download your zipped freebie :)

Hope you enjoy them...I'm off to play in the Halloween paper until the call of Christmas paper becomes too strong!!

Happy Tuesday,


Little Bits...

Somedays, okay, most days, I have so many ideas in my head that I can only formulate a small percentage.

Or I start to process the idea and the plan and then the day ends and I stall out. Later, I come back to it and wonder which direction I was going with it.

Do you do that? Start something with a clear end in sight and then loose steam or forget what your end goal was?

The point? I had a great idea for cutting and printing my digi stamps with Silhouette. A few weeks ago. I prepped them. Cut them, printed them. Thought about how there is a "how to tutorial" in there somewhere. Then I put them on my bench, the day ended, and I didn't make it back to them.

No coloring.

No card making.

They just sat there. Along with some other printed things. I now have a "to be colored" pile.

This weekend I succeeded in coloring a couple. I even made a card!

I really really like it. It's making me formulate some other ideas. Yup. I know. More my head isn't stuffed full of them already :) If they ever make it to fruition...I'll be sure to let you know!

Thanks for stopping by :)