Home Again, Home Again

Well hello there :)

It's been a whirl wind the past few days. And without service (and too busy playing) I didn't manage any blog posts.

My sister trip was amazing. Again.

Lots of laughing. Mostly at ourselves. Silly pictures. Good food. Adventures.

I'm bummed that it's over. It seemed to go way to fast this time. Doubling the time would have been better...

We dropped the little sister off on Saturday evening. Sunday morning I drove the middle sister home to Salmon to meet up with her husband and kids and then I turned around to come home. I was literally in the house for 15 minutes and then gone again.

Two days with the Student Council kids in Helena, Montana. Busy chasing and shuttling, and sometimes just waiting. I did get to see the Capitol. Beautiful artwork. And this city has some amazing architecture and old old houses. Tons of history and character. I will be coming back to play again (with my kids and probably my sisters too!!).

I have a treat for you today...and some ideas for new ones coming up. Stay tuned :)

Here's today's:

It's snowing here in Montana...and I am clinging to my last thoughts of warm weather. Let the countdown to warmer weather begin :)

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. Love this, thank you bunches, Please please keep the snow there :( we are in Iowa and from Arizona and we are already cold. Our blood is thin from being in hot weather, which we love so I love it that you share your awesome images but please don't share the snow LOL Thank you bunches, hugs, Cathy K

  2. Very neat, thanks a bunch...

  3. Thank you very much for the delightful digis. Glad your sister trip was so good.

  4. Thanks for the great images.

    God bless you for chaperoning! My hubby and I did it for 4 years while our son was in band. We had a lot of fun and it was so good to be on the inside of all the action. I don't miss it but we are so glad we did it!