Resolve To Not Resolve...

It's almost here.

The end of 2012 and the start of 2013.

I've never been that great at the "resolution" thing. I either forget that I made one by April, or it just doesn't work.
Things work out for me better if I have the drive and motivation to do them, and then I just do them. No point waiting for a certain time or a perfect day. If I want to do it, I set the plan in motion and I do it.

A few things that I have done recently:

  • Had my daughter hide the scale. That number does not own me...and I'm sick of letting it have a say on my day and mood.
  • Stepped outside of my comfort zone and followed my husband to the gym. I've always been a "workout DVD" girl. Not now. I go to the gym with my plan, and I do it. All by myself.
  • Started being creative for me. Not because I can sell it. I make it because I want to and because I can. I still have ideas for what might be good to put in my shop, but I only make it if I really want to :)

There will be other stepping stones and "aha" moments as I go through the next year, but really, it's just one day leading into the next. One lesson building on the last. One stone of wisdom added to the pile :)

Happy New Year!


An eBook and More...

My name and work is in an eBook!!

This is my first big illustration job and it is finally available on Amazon.

If you want to peek at it, you can look here: 40 Traditional Bed-Time Stories

There are other versions (including traditional print)...just click on the publisher's name to see their other work.

Also Mae (from Custom Mae'd on Etsy) has created some adorable Holiday Card templates.

She used one of my camper graphics and then added an adorable wreath, that makes it super festive. You can visit her shop here.



Ice Skating Rabbit

We are on the home stretch!

A few more days until our one week break. I'm really trying not to count or get to excited. But...

I am SO ready!

Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't just fly by and that it doesn't feel like it happened in a blink :)

It's Tuesday! Ready for a goodie?

This little bunny is doing something that I have never really done (much).
Roller skate - yes! Loved it.
Ice skate. Not so much.
I think there is even a pair of skates shoved away in a closet somewhere. I'd much rather just play on the ice with my snow boots on. I'll leave the fancy shmancy stuff to the bunny :)

Have a great day!


Penguin Polar Bear Present

I finished an acrylic painting!

From sketch to finished product it took me most of the week.

There were a few moments where I was pretty sure I was going to loath it, and never wanted to work on it again. Who cares if I can paint or not? But I pushed through and finished it.

Walking away is always a risk. Will you come back? Will it be worth finishing? Well, I won that round. I walked away, came back, and finished it.

When I looked at it again on the monitor, I noticed a problem with some proportion. I cheated and used Photoshop to fix it. Much happier now. I even did the "turn it upside down, flip it over, grey it out" trick. All good for the most part.

Now to figure out what I want to draw and paint next. Ideas?

Have a great weekend,


Learning Curve

There's always a learning curve. Always.

There are times where I feel I am just on the inside of the curve, about to make it around the bend, and then something else comes up and I never really make it around that curve.

It really must be a circle.

Because I KNOW that I make it past that bend. But there is never any "let's cruise for a bit" straight stretch.

My latest learning curve. Acrylic paints. And I'm working this circle with all the patience and perseverance I can muster. Why? Because my next set of circles will be digital painting. Bring on the curves!!

Here is my "dancing elf" that I also worked up as a digital stamp:

Kyla gave up on me. We spent about 2 1/2 hours coloring on Sunday. Her's will remain unfinished...she is already over it :) I came back to mine and worked on it for another hour Monday and then a bit on Tuesday.

I had already sketched out my 2nd drawing to try. After I get my art students settled,  I paint a little too. Modeling. I show them that I don't just give them assignments, I give myself assignments too :)

This one still has a load of work left to be done...but I'm happy that you can at least tell what it is supposed to be :)

Someday. One curve at a time....


Dancing Elves

Happy Tuesday.

Ready for your goodie?

I drew this one a few weeks ago, and then it sat on my shelf waiting to be cleaned up and posted.

You can download it here: Dancing Elf

I also printed it a few times for my daughter and I to practice painting. We worked on it for a few hours Sunday evening. I'll post the final piece when it's done.

Hope you have a great week!!


Retro Owl Bike


I'm still here. I promise.

Last week was probably the longest week we have had so far this year. I swear we went backwards instead of forwards somewhere around Wednesday. I was wiped by Friday.

And to make up for missing our goodie on Tuesday...I am doubling up this week.

Clip art today. Free digi tomorrow.

Click here to download this sweet owl on his bike "Owl Bike" He will be great on cards, art journal pages, or framed.

Be sure and check back tomorrow for a brand new digi as well.



Thank You Notes...

Happy Tuesday,

In the spirit of being Thankful, I figured this would be a great freebie.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Thank you for supporting me by purchasing from my shop.

Thank you for sharing your creativity with items from my shop.

Thank you for listening to me ramble.

Thank you for EVERYTHING :)

You can download the airplane and it's "thanks" trail "HERE".

Have a great Tuesday!


White Christmas Fun...

I'm starting to dream of winter white.

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is check to see if it snowed. So luck.

Rain. There has been a bunch of that. Sunshine. Snow in the high country. But we just can't seem to make it stick here in the valley. Frustrating.

My solution. Draw it instead :)

I am still deciding how I want to color these. I've already painted a handful, so I will continue painting the rest for consistency. My other plan is to try to pain them digitally. That seems HUGE and very daunting. I'll get there, but I know I will procrastinate a little before I do. It's the way I work :)

Our Thanksgiving ended up being very non traditional, which I love. We drove about 70 miles North and swam in a hot springs. Then we ate dinner in the lodge. Stopped along the creek to take pictures. Hung out at Perkins playing cards and drinking tea until it was time for the early show, and watched "Wreck it Ralph".

A perfect day.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Reading. Playing. Working out with the hubby. More reading. And some designing.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and holiday. I'm ready for the next one!


Winner Winner...Turkey Dinner?

Morning :)

I promised a few free digis...and I'm here to deliver.

Hopefully you all are checking back in, because I don't have emails for a couple of you.

Winners were chosen by a random number generator and the order of your posts:

#7 - Jacq:
Hi Rhoda, these new images are just so cute! My favourite things in all the world are bunnies (I have my own little guy called Robbie) and snowmen so you know I'm lovin' these! :)

#8 - Mandy:
Loving the new images, especially the snowman, I am a sucker for snowmen, they remind me of happy days as a child. We don't have snow very often in the UK so it always seems like a special event when we have some to play with :)

#5 - Gail:
Hi Rhoda - You have such a great talent in drawing! I can only draw stick people! I like the snowman drawing - I am partial to snowmen! 

Each of you can choose 2 digis from my shop. Just convo or email me with your choice and I will get them sent.

My Thanksgiving plans have changed :( A nasty stomach bug hit the house, Hayden and I have been stuck home for 2 days with it. I know we will be feeling better by this afternoon, but I really don't want to transport the "bugs" down to my sister. I'm staying home. Super bummed about it, but it was the right choice. She doesn't need a houseful of sick kids.

Not sure what we will find to do, but hopefully something fun will pop up.

I finished a couple more paintings before the bug took me down:

And a few more line drawings. So there will be more to come :)

Happy Turkey Day,



Happy Tuesday!

The countdown is on for travel, family, food, and fun.

I love being able to go see my family, but these holiday's fall at the worst possible time for travel. Snowy roads. Rain. Limited daylight. I miss summer driving at times like these :)

Here is this week's fun goodie:

You can download it here: Friends

And, I am one step ahead this time and already have a colored version! Wahoo :)

There haven't been many paper crafts or cards created around here lately, but there has been a ton of drawing, coloring, and painting. I know the paper playing will come back around. It always does.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the "Just Keep Drawing" post for a chance to win a couple of free digis from my shop. I'll be choosing 3 winners tomorrow!


Revisiting Watercolor

Happy Sunday :)

I spent the weekend drawing and painting.


They used to be my favorite. The only thing I painted with in High School. Then I tried acrylic. It's okay, but without having any formal training with it, I get frustrated. Along came Copic Markers and my painting days came to a screeching halt.

But, this weekend I decided to give the watercolors another chance. I wasn't sorry. There is still a ton for me to learn and experiment with, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

Here are a couple of last weeks line drawings done up with paint:

My hope is to add a few more to the collection and then have my sister write a story to go with them. I'm going to get her published one way or another :)

Have a great week!!


Just Keep Drawing...

I just can't seem to stop.


It seems I have hit the "mojo" jack-pot. When I started working on that illustration job 3 weeks ago, it felt a little rusty and bumpy. Now, the ideas are flowing and the only thing holding me back is time. When I do get to sit down, the paper doesn't stay blank for long. I'm loving it!!

Here are a few that I worked up this week. They are all in the process of being colored or painted as well:

These are all listed in the "New" section of my shop. I'll be sure to post the final colored pieces here as well :)

I know I missed the freebie this week. Figured since it was a Friday and we could use some fun before the chaos of the Holiday's strike that I would post a giveaway today.

Post a comment and win two free digi's from my shop.
Your choice.
And...I'll choose 3 you have some pretty good odds there!

I'll do the final drawing next Wednesday the 21st before I run away for the weekend :)



A Corner of Fun...


Just wanted to pop in to show you some fun creations:

These little cuties were made with my Monster Bookmark Corners. She created them out of fabric and then embroidered the edges and details.

Absolutely love these creatures, and they will last so much longer than paper. All the more time to chew on the corner of your book!!

You can find them here: KCDezines

They are available in the 6 pack, or you can buy them individually :)



Steampunk Goodness

Hello All :)

Still super busy here, but I couldn't forget a Tuesday blog post. I've been meaning to pop in and add some other posts, but just haven't found the time.

I've almost finished up with an illustration job. Thirty illustrations plus maps. It's been an amazing process, but definitely fills up my creative time!

Here are a few of the illustrations that I have completed:

The illustrations are for an eBook. As soon as it is released I will be sure to post a link so you all can check it out :)

And I have a free file. It's an image that I drew a few weeks ago and wanted to share, but never had a chance to prep it. It's finally done. I have been loving all the steam punk goodies out there, as well as the steam punk art. I was inspired to create this steam punk fish:

You can download it "here" I'd love to see it once you have it colored or on a project. If you get a chance, post a link in the comment section, or email me and I will put a link in a post :)

Have a great day!


It's All Crazy!!

Where did the last week go? Anyone see it?

I think it went that way ------->

Who knows. All I know is that it's a blur and that my "to do" list grew this week, instead of shrinking.

Tons of after school things this week. Lots going at school too. And I have a load of art to get finished for a client.

When it rains it pours...and sometimes, that really isn't a bad thing :)

With that said, I am just popping in for a quick "Hey! How's it going?" and then I am gone again. Here is your Tuesday goodie. I'm mixing it up a bit and giving you some digital stickers:

You can download them "HERE".
If you want them to be black and white for coloring, you can always switch them up a bit in your photo editor. Try going black and white and then deleting the greyscale.

Happy Tuesday!


Home Again, Home Again

Well hello there :)

It's been a whirl wind the past few days. And without service (and too busy playing) I didn't manage any blog posts.

My sister trip was amazing. Again.

Lots of laughing. Mostly at ourselves. Silly pictures. Good food. Adventures.

I'm bummed that it's over. It seemed to go way to fast this time. Doubling the time would have been better...

We dropped the little sister off on Saturday evening. Sunday morning I drove the middle sister home to Salmon to meet up with her husband and kids and then I turned around to come home. I was literally in the house for 15 minutes and then gone again.

Two days with the Student Council kids in Helena, Montana. Busy chasing and shuttling, and sometimes just waiting. I did get to see the Capitol. Beautiful artwork. And this city has some amazing architecture and old old houses. Tons of history and character. I will be coming back to play again (with my kids and probably my sisters too!!).

I have a treat for you today...and some ideas for new ones coming up. Stay tuned :)

Here's today's:

It's snowing here in Montana...and I am clinging to my last thoughts of warm weather. Let the countdown to warmer weather begin :)

Have a great Tuesday!


Adventure Time...

It's almost that time again. And I am so excited!

Sister Trip!!

We have at least 2 Hot Springs on our list. Shopping in Missoula. Barnes and Noble. And then whatever we can find to entertain ourselves stuffed into the spare moments.

There was some time to doodle this week and I am still working on breaking my Halloween mood. Maybe once I color these and make a few things with them it will be quenched.

You can find all of these new digital stamps in my shop. I've sectioned out the "NEW" ones. It makes it loads easier to navigate :)

I'll post pictures of my sister trip when I return. Have a great weekend!


Sew Much Fun...

Happy Tuesday!

It's time for another free file. I made this one in my sketchbook awhile ago, but finally just managed to get it made up for digital use.

It's "Sew Much Fun" (click the title to download). These images will be great on cards, labels, or gift tags.

There are also a few new stamps in my shop, if you get a minute, stop by :)

Have a great day!


More To Color...

Good Morning!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was pretty quiet. We kept waiting for the weather to go all stormy, but it never really managed to make it.

Friday night I had a date with my hubby. We each grabbed our iPods, set up a playlist, and then went riding on our dirt bikes:

This is my "Mommy-Ha". Kyla was 2 when we first bought it, and she always thought we were saying Mommy-ha instead of Yamaha. It stuck :)

We rode until almost dark, came home and parked the bikes, and then walked downtown for dinner. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday, Kyla was moved up to the 8th grade volleyball team and played in the season tournament. We spent the morning cheering her on.

And then Sunday was lazy day. We all found projects and things to do. I completed a few new digi stamps and did some coloring. Hopefully, I'll have cards to post later in the week.

Stay tuned for this weeks freebie. It will be posted tomorrow :)

Have a great day!!


Go Put Your Record On...


There have been so many songs flowing through my head lately.

Friday (due to the theme) was an 80's night. We even jammed to Pat Benatar on the way into town.

Saturday morning I tortured my sister with some T-Pain and Flo Rida. Not my favorite artists but Apple Bottom Jeans kept getting stuck in my head. Zumba does that to a person.

Yesterday I was running around singing the new Train song: "Got run over by a crappy purple scion".

And this morning while I prepped the give away?

Corrine Bailey Rae

"Go put your records on, play me your favorite song"

You can download this 45 digi stamp here.

I sometime joke that my music on my phone is the soundtrack to my life. All jokes aside, it really is. Think about a song and there are sure to be memories and images that come with it.

What's your current soundtrack?



This weekend we whooped it up Diva style :)

There were so many events it was hard to choose which ones we wanted to do. We spent Friday and Saturday just go-go-going.

Friday night it was dinner out with the girls, then an 80's Flashmob to support Breast Cancer Awareness. We were going to do some Zumba in the Club, but we were all so tired and had a major day to look forward to on Saturday.

It was cold, but so much fun. We went all pink and 80's and then danced to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. I forgot how many choices there were for 80's style clothes. I could have used three or four more days so I could get through all the ones I wanted. 

Saturday morning we woke up and drove into Missoula for the annual "Diva Day" which is a 5K race that only women participate in, with costumes. FUN!!

We were part of the Bitterroot Justice League and went as the "Fantastic Four". After our walk/race we had breakfast, did some shopping at Costco, lounged at Barnes and Noble, and then drove home.

Phew! It was a whirl wind two days and we had no problem just being bums on Sunday. A good book and a comfy spot. 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :)



It's to soon to start thinking about Christmas. We still have fall break, Thanksgiving, holiday concerts and more between now and then. And honestly, there are other holidays that I enjoy so much more.

What I do enjoy are the colors and images. And while I am still LOVING Halloween (even more than most years) I have started to feel the tug of Christmas images.

If you are the type to get ready early or maybe even start counting the number of shopping days well in advance, then today's free file is for you :)

It even includes 3 digital papers: X-Mas Stamps. Click on the title to download your zipped freebie :)

Hope you enjoy them...I'm off to play in the Halloween paper until the call of Christmas paper becomes too strong!!

Happy Tuesday,


Little Bits...

Somedays, okay, most days, I have so many ideas in my head that I can only formulate a small percentage.

Or I start to process the idea and the plan and then the day ends and I stall out. Later, I come back to it and wonder which direction I was going with it.

Do you do that? Start something with a clear end in sight and then loose steam or forget what your end goal was?

The point? I had a great idea for cutting and printing my digi stamps with Silhouette. A few weeks ago. I prepped them. Cut them, printed them. Thought about how there is a "how to tutorial" in there somewhere. Then I put them on my bench, the day ended, and I didn't make it back to them.

No coloring.

No card making.

They just sat there. Along with some other printed things. I now have a "to be colored" pile.

This weekend I succeeded in coloring a couple. I even made a card!

I really really like it. It's making me formulate some other ideas. Yup. I know. More my head isn't stuffed full of them already :) If they ever make it to fruition...I'll be sure to let you know!

Thanks for stopping by :)



for time to be together,
turkey, talk,
and tangy weather.

H for harvest stored away,
home, and hearth, and holiday

A for Autumn's frosty art,
and abundance in the heart

N for neighbors, and November
nice things, new things to remember

K for kitchen, kettles' croon,
kith and kin expected soon.

S for sizzles, sights, and sounds
and something special.

I used this poem to make an album years ago. Every now and then I see the photo while I am digging around in my files and think that I would like to use the poem again.

I finally did!

The labels are all designed, printed, and cut by me. The board shape is something that I made in Illustrator and then cut with my Silhouette. Super simple and I just love the way it turned out:

It's fall themed, but I think the idea of gratitude for all that we have can be carried over into any season :)

Have a thankful Thursday!