Winner Winner...Turkey Dinner?

Morning :)

I promised a few free digis...and I'm here to deliver.

Hopefully you all are checking back in, because I don't have emails for a couple of you.

Winners were chosen by a random number generator and the order of your posts:

#7 - Jacq:
Hi Rhoda, these new images are just so cute! My favourite things in all the world are bunnies (I have my own little guy called Robbie) and snowmen so you know I'm lovin' these! :)

#8 - Mandy:
Loving the new images, especially the snowman, I am a sucker for snowmen, they remind me of happy days as a child. We don't have snow very often in the UK so it always seems like a special event when we have some to play with :)

#5 - Gail:
Hi Rhoda - You have such a great talent in drawing! I can only draw stick people! I like the snowman drawing - I am partial to snowmen! 

Each of you can choose 2 digis from my shop. Just convo or email me with your choice and I will get them sent.

My Thanksgiving plans have changed :( A nasty stomach bug hit the house, Hayden and I have been stuck home for 2 days with it. I know we will be feeling better by this afternoon, but I really don't want to transport the "bugs" down to my sister. I'm staying home. Super bummed about it, but it was the right choice. She doesn't need a houseful of sick kids.

Not sure what we will find to do, but hopefully something fun will pop up.

I finished a couple more paintings before the bug took me down:

And a few more line drawings. So there will be more to come :)

Happy Turkey Day,



  1. HI Rhonda - I am so sorry to read you are not feeling well - especially during the holiday season - it is always a bummer to be ill when holiday's come around - I have missed a few gatherings myself - I hope you get feeling better soon. I am blessed to find my name was drawn for 2 free digital stamps. Thank you very much and I will be going to your store now to look at your lovely work. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day - and GET WELL! Gail

  2. HI!
    Congrats to the winners...
    I hope you all get well soon... and happy Thanksgiving!
    I like the painting with the tree and the little critters :)

  3. Hi Rhoda,
    so sorry to hear that you and your family are not feeling well and that you had to change your Thanks Giving plans. I hope you were able to have some celebration, be it a bit quieter than expected.
    I'm excited to see my name was drawn for 2 free digi's and off to your shop now. Although, I have to say that if the Christmas bunny and Frosty snowman are there, they'll be the ones for me. :)
    Hope you soon feel better and thanks again. :)