Steampunk Goodness

Hello All :)

Still super busy here, but I couldn't forget a Tuesday blog post. I've been meaning to pop in and add some other posts, but just haven't found the time.

I've almost finished up with an illustration job. Thirty illustrations plus maps. It's been an amazing process, but definitely fills up my creative time!

Here are a few of the illustrations that I have completed:

The illustrations are for an eBook. As soon as it is released I will be sure to post a link so you all can check it out :)

And I have a free file. It's an image that I drew a few weeks ago and wanted to share, but never had a chance to prep it. It's finally done. I have been loving all the steam punk goodies out there, as well as the steam punk art. I was inspired to create this steam punk fish:

You can download it "here" I'd love to see it once you have it colored or on a project. If you get a chance, post a link in the comment section, or email me and I will put a link in a post :)

Have a great day!



  1. Thank u 4 sharing. I love steampunk and can't wait
    to do something with this fish. Your amazing.

  2. Thank you very much for your amazing freebie. I LOVE it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this image!!!!!!

  4. So unique. LOVE this. Thank you so much <3 -Kim

  5. Thank you for this steampunk fish. Thank you also for showing us your illustrations. They are all great but I particularly love the riverboat one as it reminds me of a steampaddle boat we used to have here. It got moved to a bigger city as they could make more money from it. I miss seeing it on our river. It is uncannily like the one in your illustration so must be a similar vintage.