New Toy...

I walked into a scrapbook store this weekend, and for the first time in over a year, I SPENT money!! Not sure what the deal has been for me lately, but I haven't been very inspired by all those pretty papers. They looked good. They just didn't speak to me.

This weekend, they were yelling!!

I also purchased my birthday present (early). That was even more exciting. I couldn't play with it right away. Had to wait for Sunday, but when I was finally able to get my hands on it, I created a cute little book for my niece. I'll post pictures later.

So the toy...

It is a Zutter Bind it All. It punches holes and then you thread them onto metal spiral binding and squish them down. You can do any length of paper imaginable AND some really thick chipboard. I even punched through a few of Kyla's iTunes gift cards. SWEET!!

Can't wait to go home and play with it some more. I have many many ideas zipping though my head :)

Happy March,