Sew Long Summer...

It's all done :(

We have officially started back up with the school schedule.

Back to getting up early. Coming home exhausted. Kids that are going in a bunch of different directions. Back to fitting in creative time in spare moments and on weekends.

Sew long summer!

You can download the sewing machine "here". Hopefully they will be a little more regular now that we are going to be back to a schedule. Who knows...I might even get some time to draw :)



Alligator Love...

Out of all the cards I made last weekend, this one is probably my favorite.

Just can't seem to resist his cute little gator face :)


Fall Clothes...

School shopping for us is just around the corner.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around warmer clothes.

We are still in the "hottest" part of our summer. Less is better right now. Swim wear and the river is best. I'm not looking forward to trying on and buying pants. Or jackets. Or long sleeve shirts. I know we will need them, and I will love them when it's time. Just don't make me think about it yet ;)

Today's goodie is all ready to go. She has her warm jacket and fall boots. Good to go!

Click them image to save, or click "here" to download. Color her now...or save it for a day when you are all snuggled up in your warm clothes with a hot cup of tea or coffee :)



Buckets of Cards...

Happy Monday!

I spent the weekend in my craft room. Creating.

No motorcycles for us the weekend. Thunderstorms and rain slowed us down just a little.

It was really nice to just putz around the house, drink coffee, and play with paper. The rest of the family might have gone a bit stir crazy, but I was happy :)

I made a bucket full of cards. Really. I think my final count was 67. Not sure what came over me...I had a few ideas and the cards just started multiplying...

That was the fun part. The not so fun part was the photos, editing, and now the slow listing. I have put a few in the shop, and there are more to come.

Anyone need a card? :)

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice again. Most likely we will be out on our motorcycles...since it's been a handful of days that they have been parked in the garage. The freebie is scheduled and ready to go. Enjoy!!


Ewe Are Cute!


This isn't as early as I had hoped it would be...but at least it is the right day of the week :)

Here are today's goodies:

You can click on each image and save them, or click the name to go to the download site :)

Might be fun to use on a card that says "I Love Ewe Sew Much" :) Just a thought.

Enjoy your week,


Get Your Color On...

Wahooo it's Friday :)

Except...during the summer that really doesn't matter much. Most of the time I can't even remember what day it is...just the way I like it!

I'm sponsoring a challenge for the "Designed to Color" blog.

If you visit me regularly, you should have tons of images to color. And if you want to try to win a gift certificate to my shop, you should visit the challenge and submit some of your lovely work!

The theme is a color palette. Refreshing yellows and greens.

Check it out:

So what are you waiting for?

Go get your color on :)
Designed to Color

Have a creative weekend,