Buckets of Cards...

Happy Monday!

I spent the weekend in my craft room. Creating.

No motorcycles for us the weekend. Thunderstorms and rain slowed us down just a little.

It was really nice to just putz around the house, drink coffee, and play with paper. The rest of the family might have gone a bit stir crazy, but I was happy :)

I made a bucket full of cards. Really. I think my final count was 67. Not sure what came over me...I had a few ideas and the cards just started multiplying...

That was the fun part. The not so fun part was the photos, editing, and now the slow listing. I have put a few in the shop, and there are more to come.

Anyone need a card? :)

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice again. Most likely we will be out on our motorcycles...since it's been a handful of days that they have been parked in the garage. The freebie is scheduled and ready to go. Enjoy!!


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  1. Send all your lovely cards 2 our troops. Though OWH. There family's will love hears how there loved ones are doing. They soooo love our cards.