Busy Little Bees


It's Tuesday again all ready? Wow. That went by fast.

The weekend was a great one. A 5K walk on Friday in the dark. They lit the path through the trees with candles. Amazing.
A night with my sister.
Another walk on Sunday in the sunshine, even though it was cold.

Now, I am counting days until the break. Trying not to get excited because that just makes the days longer, but I can't wait to stay home in my pj's and drink coffee!!

Today's freebie is for all the busy bees.

I was thinking of them this weekend when I had tea and honey with my sis :)


Still Fuzzy

It's getting better, that fuzzy, underwater feeling in my head. But not much. I was thinking I had kicked it by Tuesday, but it feels like Velcro. Still stuck to me!!

Tuesday night I managed some Yoga. All on my own. No video. Just memory and a magazine article for prompting. That felt good!!

Last night I walked 3 miles. Tomorrow I am walking a 5K, in the dark. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to the walk and then some time with my sister :)

Also, if you enjoyed the snowman treat from the last post, you are sure to love what Patty has done with it. She is offering a variation of him with word art on her blog. Be sure and stop by and see it :)

Looking forward to Friday!


Holiday Carols...


It's that time of year again. You hear Holiday music all around. I even had an impulse buy and picked up the Glee Christmas CD. Love it. Especially "Artie's" version of Little Drummer Boy.

And to celebrate all the festive music:

A caroling snowman :) You can download him here.

Enjoy :)


Sneezing and Sniffles...

It's that time of year. There are germs flying around the room...and I dodge them as best as I can.

I got hit.

I spent the weekend sleeping, sneezing, and sniffling. No fun. I have doused myself in lavender, clove, and tea tree. Burned the diffuser with thieves blend. Eaten tons of vitamin D and C. Hoping to zap this bug as fast as possible :)

Here was the one of the things I managed to accomplish this weekend, in between all my naps:

A fun tricycle to go with the other bike line art. Perfect for Christmas tags or cards.

Stay tuned for tomorrows fun freebie. I did manage to get one drawn over the weekend :)

Watch out for those flying germs. They are a doozy!!


Little Mittens...

I'm not sure where the last week slipped away too. I had so many ideas and plans, and now we are into another week!

We did put up our Christmas tree. Had a fun family evening with my sister.
We decorated the tree, played "Sorry", listened to Christmas music, and ate S'Mores.

I stayed home with the kids on Wednesday. We were all feeling puny, and it felt like it took me the rest of the week to feel normal again. A lot of sleeping.

Saturday, I went to the big city to do some Holiday shopping. Braved the crowds in the toy aisles. Yikes!!

And then, spent a wonderful Saturday night out with the girls. Love it when we have a girls night out!! Sleep over with my sis and a long drive home with a great friend. Coffee. Ahhh.

Now, we are back to a Tuesday. I worked up some mittens just for you :) Super fun, and all you have to do is duplicate and rotate them to have a pair.

Hope you enjoy them. They are perfect for the weather we are having right now. I've even been wearing mine in the classroom. Brrr!!

Stay cozy,