Little Mittens...

I'm not sure where the last week slipped away too. I had so many ideas and plans, and now we are into another week!

We did put up our Christmas tree. Had a fun family evening with my sister.
We decorated the tree, played "Sorry", listened to Christmas music, and ate S'Mores.

I stayed home with the kids on Wednesday. We were all feeling puny, and it felt like it took me the rest of the week to feel normal again. A lot of sleeping.

Saturday, I went to the big city to do some Holiday shopping. Braved the crowds in the toy aisles. Yikes!!

And then, spent a wonderful Saturday night out with the girls. Love it when we have a girls night out!! Sleep over with my sis and a long drive home with a great friend. Coffee. Ahhh.

Now, we are back to a Tuesday. I worked up some mittens just for you :) Super fun, and all you have to do is duplicate and rotate them to have a pair.

Hope you enjoy them. They are perfect for the weather we are having right now. I've even been wearing mine in the classroom. Brrr!!

Stay cozy,



  1. Great mittens! Gloves just don't keep my hands warm. Thank you for sharing! fyi - I tried to download rather than store the image online but 'yousendit' keeps asking me to set up an account. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Carol...I'm not sure. I just clicked on it, and it downloaded. Try closing your browser and coming back again (or see if there is a tiny x or skip prompt somewhere that will let you past it). It is supposed to just let you download without an account. Grr!

  3. Thanks for sharing the cute mittens.

  4. Oh wow, Ilove these, thank you bunches and bunches hugs Cathy

  5. Thank you for the cute mittens....

  6. Love these so much. Thank you bunches hugs, Cathy