It's Time for Java

Morning :)

I promised a few extra goodies since I missed last week. I'm thinking most of you will enjoy these:

They will be great for cards, tags, or just some fun creative projects. Click on each image to save, or go here to download. This will take you to one image, and then you can scroll through for the other images you would like to have.

Have a creative week :)


Making the Legs Shake

Sunday's are probably my favorite day at the gym.


Because no one else goes! It's like having my very own HUGE gym. No waiting for equipment. No "they're watching" insecurities. Just plug in the head phones and kick some butt!

This one had me in a puddle on the floor by the time I was done:

It was a Kettlebell workout that you did each exercise to failure. My legs were all wobbly on my cool down walk. I'll be feeling that one :)

Happy Monday!


Look I'm Still Around

Hi there.

I know. MIA again. Summer is like that :)

I've been playing. A lot. We were go...go...go for awhile there. Chris joked that we were fitting a triathlon into a 3 day weekend.

Day 1: mountain bike around Lake Como. A little over 7 miles.
Day 2: hike to Baker Lake. A little over 3 miles.
Day 3: swim at Lost Trail Hot Springs. Then we added our own twist and rode our motorcycles up to another mountain lake.
Day 4: Rest!! :)

 On a weekend before that we put in a 35 mile ride into some beautiful country over in Idaho.

So, if you are wondering where I have been...there you go. I'm sure there will be more pictures and adventures to come. We still have more than a month to play!!

And since I missed last Tuesday's fun freebie I will have an extra goodie for you this week.



I Was Playing...

Morning All,

Sorry this is being posted later than usual. I was out playing. A lot!!

It's been 5 days since I even opened my laptop. I had a girl date in town. Spent two nights with my sis. Came home to repack and head to our hometown. A day of calm and relaxation with my dad and mother in law. Then two days of riding our motor bikes.

Pure bliss :)

Today's image is one of my newer pieces. Hope you like hit. You can click on it and save, or download "here".

I'm off to do some Yoga! Have a great day!


Sweet Braids...

Happy Tuesday!

It's time for another free digi. There has been a "people" theme for a while now.

Might start changing it up again next week, unless you are happy with the can let me know what you would like in the comments :)

I'm always open to suggestions...

You can download "Lizzy Braids" by clicking HERE, or by right clicking and saving the image.

Happy Coloring :)


Summer Time Again...

Good Morning!

I did a little bit of drawing this weekend. Not nearly as much as I thought I would. To busy enjoying the fact that I could be a bum!

Do what I wanted as the impulse struck.

Run to town to shop for pants.

Go to a friend's for pizza and drinks.

Sleep in.

Take a nap.


Watch movies.

Lay on the couch and listen to the rain on the roof.

Summer has begun!! :)

I did list a few new stamps in the shop. My plan is to list some more soon. If there is something specific you would like to see...leave me a quick note in the comments. I'll add it to my list :)

Have a great week!