Look I'm Still Around

Hi there.

I know. MIA again. Summer is like that :)

I've been playing. A lot. We were go...go...go for awhile there. Chris joked that we were fitting a triathlon into a 3 day weekend.

Day 1: mountain bike around Lake Como. A little over 7 miles.
Day 2: hike to Baker Lake. A little over 3 miles.
Day 3: swim at Lost Trail Hot Springs. Then we added our own twist and rode our motorcycles up to another mountain lake.
Day 4: Rest!! :)

 On a weekend before that we put in a 35 mile ride into some beautiful country over in Idaho.

So, if you are wondering where I have been...there you go. I'm sure there will be more pictures and adventures to come. We still have more than a month to play!!

And since I missed last Tuesday's fun freebie I will have an extra goodie for you this week.



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