Fall Clothes...

School shopping for us is just around the corner.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around warmer clothes.

We are still in the "hottest" part of our summer. Less is better right now. Swim wear and the river is best. I'm not looking forward to trying on and buying pants. Or jackets. Or long sleeve shirts. I know we will need them, and I will love them when it's time. Just don't make me think about it yet ;)

Today's goodie is all ready to go. She has her warm jacket and fall boots. Good to go!

Click them image to save, or click "here" to download. Color her now...or save it for a day when you are all snuggled up in your warm clothes with a hot cup of tea or coffee :)




  1. Very coooool !!! Thank You. Fall seems a million miles away here in Greece and we don't exactly get one. It's either hot or it's not :-)

    IKE x

  2. Oh wie schön. Vielen Dank dafür.
    LG Tina

  3. Ideal as I have a teenage granddaughter named Sophie. Many thanks :)