Sew Long Summer...

It's all done :(

We have officially started back up with the school schedule.

Back to getting up early. Coming home exhausted. Kids that are going in a bunch of different directions. Back to fitting in creative time in spare moments and on weekends.

Sew long summer!

You can download the sewing machine "here". Hopefully they will be a little more regular now that we are going to be back to a schedule. Who knows...I might even get some time to draw :)




  1. Thank u sew much. What's ya goin to make? LOL
    Don't want summer to end....

  2. It looks similar to my machine... thank you!

  3. This looks exactly like my older brother machine. I have two. The older one my husband got me at Christmas one year at a Black Friday sale for $55. It's had a rough life and not sewing too good, but still runs. Keeping it to sew on plastic, heavy stuff etc...Learned to sew with that one,and gift from hubby, so special to me. Got a newer one, as the stitching is so bad on my old one.
    Thanks for the digi ;love it!

  4. Luv it and can`t wait to get mine out now that the kids are in school ,fall & winter right around the corner...THANK YOU ;~}

  5. Thank you - am using mine at mo to convert cross stitched pictures into cushions!

  6. Even though I no longer sew, I spent many hours in front of my sewing machine. This brings back great memories. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This will be great to add to my daughter's book as part of her title page - more interesting than just lettering or pictures cut from magazines. Thanks

  8. 'sew' many cute sayings that could go with this delightful image. thank you sew much for sharing.