It's All Crazy!!

Where did the last week go? Anyone see it?

I think it went that way ------->

Who knows. All I know is that it's a blur and that my "to do" list grew this week, instead of shrinking.

Tons of after school things this week. Lots going at school too. And I have a load of art to get finished for a client.

When it rains it pours...and sometimes, that really isn't a bad thing :)

With that said, I am just popping in for a quick "Hey! How's it going?" and then I am gone again. Here is your Tuesday goodie. I'm mixing it up a bit and giving you some digital stickers:

You can download them "HERE".
If you want them to be black and white for coloring, you can always switch them up a bit in your photo editor. Try going black and white and then deleting the greyscale.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I agree, it IS all CRAZY! I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) Thanks for sharing these with us. Norma W

  2. Thanks for the cute freebis.


  3. Thank you very much for your freebie xx

  4. I totally agree. Time just races by. I need five full time versions of me just to keep up with everything. Thanks so much for the freebie.

    Lisa D.

  5. Thank you, enjoy the rest of the week. :)