Resolve To Not Resolve...

It's almost here.

The end of 2012 and the start of 2013.

I've never been that great at the "resolution" thing. I either forget that I made one by April, or it just doesn't work.
Things work out for me better if I have the drive and motivation to do them, and then I just do them. No point waiting for a certain time or a perfect day. If I want to do it, I set the plan in motion and I do it.

A few things that I have done recently:

  • Had my daughter hide the scale. That number does not own me...and I'm sick of letting it have a say on my day and mood.
  • Stepped outside of my comfort zone and followed my husband to the gym. I've always been a "workout DVD" girl. Not now. I go to the gym with my plan, and I do it. All by myself.
  • Started being creative for me. Not because I can sell it. I make it because I want to and because I can. I still have ideas for what might be good to put in my shop, but I only make it if I really want to :)

There will be other stepping stones and "aha" moments as I go through the next year, but really, it's just one day leading into the next. One lesson building on the last. One stone of wisdom added to the pile :)

Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New Years Rhoda - my goal is to be faithful at going to the gym - I hop, skip, jump and miss too much! Good for you - JUST DO IT! Have a great week! Gail