Our Weekend in the Wild


The weekend was full of adventure. I'm not sure how we have ended up on Tuesday already.

Horseback riding in the Bob Marshall Wilderness was amazing. It was one mini-adventure after another...including a grizzly bear in our path!

Me and my horse Maverick. He was great other than the moment we both were spooked by the dog. A little bit of crow hopping and yelping by me. It all worked out in the end :)


Kyla while her horse takes a minute to snack. Oops. What happened to "No Eating".


Hayden's last-minute check to make sure he knows the difference between his left and right hand. Just in case :)

And the whole family on a photo break. The view was amazing. Even though we were soaking wet from the rain by the time we finished, we loved every second of it.

Now. What shall we do next? :)


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