A Monster Ate My Book:

Happy Sunday.

I made a few little things over the past week, and started a bigger project yesterday. Hoping to finish that up and also get a chance to color and make a few cards today.

But I'm reading a good book. And I'm right at the last few chapters. So I probably won't be productive until that's finished. It's the only thing I can think about this morning.

The only reason this blog is getting an update is that I am waiting for my coffee to brew...then I will be snuggled in a corner until I finish that book :)

Here are the little things I made this week:

These are super fun Monster bookmarks. I created a lesson with them and my Jr. High Art class made them on Monday. My High School kids that saw them all wanted them too...so I was handing out my sample and having to make a new one all day :) My daughter saw the sample too and wanted one, so I came home and made a pile of "pieces". She and Hayden went to my craft room and made a few of their own. They are adorable when they are chewing on the corner of your book!! There is one on my laptop corner at school too. Makes a person giggle :)

And the cupcake wraps were a request. When Kyla made cupcakes I though we should test them out:

Coffee is done brewing. I'm off to finish that book!

Have a great day :)

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