Burning Sugar Stinks!

My kids are usually ravenous when we get home after a day at school.

They eat everything they see. Dig things out of the cupboard that I didn't know was there. Scarf up anything in their lunch boxes and then start hounding me for dinner.

Last weekend Kyla and her friend made little mini brownies from scratch. It was a great Sunday afternoon activity. She loves those little tiny cupcake tins so she baked them in that with her cute decorative papers.

Makes a perfect after school snack. Right?

Hayden and I came home together. Chris went to work out. Kyla was at volleyball practice.

Mr. Garbage Gut struck the kitchen with a vengeance and then decided he wanted a mini brownie, but he didn't want it cold. He stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds and walked away. I was in the living room when I heard this awful whirring sound coming from the microwave. I glance at the kitchen and all I see is a HUGE plume of dirty black smoke.

"Hayden...what the heck did you put in the microwave?! Metal?!"

"No Mom. I swear. It's just a brownie"

I run for the kitchen and the first glance at the window of the microwave shows me that something is definitely on fire. The whole window is glowing yellow and orange.

I slam the stop button and then open the door.

The brownie is going up like a roman candle. There is flame all the way to the top of the microwave and it just keeps on burning. I blow on it like a candle on a cake and it goes out but smokes even more.

I grab a hot pad and take the whole microwave tray to the sink, thinking that I don't want to break the plate with cold water, but I need to put this brownie out! I slide it into the bottom of the sink and then turn the water on. More smoke. Lots of hissing. The thing is as black and charred as a charcoal briquette!

Hayden is watching by now. The smoke alarm is going off so I hand him a towel and ask him to go wave it in front of the alarm to make it stop.

Then it dawns on me. I ran for the kitchen. My son was running for the front door. I ask him "Hayden, were you going to run out the door and leave me in the kitchen?" His reply, "Yeah Mom. I thought the whole kitchen was on fire!!".

Wow. I feel safe and loved. My hero. Not!!

By the way. Burning sugar really smells bad. The house reeked for the rest of the night!


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