R U ...

Are you chicken?

Heck no!


Depends on what it is. Scary movies. I'm a big ol' chicken. Heights on an old mountain logging road. Please don't ask me to look down the slope. My children feeling pain. Just thinking about it sends shivers through my skin.

Halloween ghouls and goblins (in cartoon form)...not so scary. Some of my favorite images actually :)

I created this card using scraps from some of my Halloween projects:

I created an SVG file of the chicken so I can cut it in any size I wish. This image just makes me smile. Can't help it. I look at it and I just get a silly grin on my face. Probably because I can just see this chicken hauling butt for the hen house with images of ghouls and goblins trailing behind.

Hope you enjoy it as well :)


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