This has been a crazy week. So glad that it's Friday!

Still smoke filled. We all sound like we smoke a pack a day when we wake up in the mornings...and our voices get all scratchy by the middle of the day.

Our outdoor activities have all been postponed or canceled. The Homecoming game will now be away in a different town because their air quality is better.

We have never had a year that was this smokey for this long!

This weekend I worked up another mini album. I have another brewing in my mind, just need a weekend to play :)

I really enjoyed working with this paper. It was a great color combination and just really worked into an album nicely. If you want to see more, it's listed here.

I'm still itching to do another Halloween album...might have to make that my main project this weekend...along with some cards.

Hope you have a great weekend. I'm off to do the Friday Happy Dance :)

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