My Last Assignment...

I finished my figure drawing earlier this week (still have one more quiz, but no more major drawing sessions...phew!).

Today, I finished the last of the inking on my comic. All submitted. All done with that class :) I plan on playing this weekend.

I promised I would share:

It was intense. Time consuming. But I'm pretty happy with it :) It is based on true events...our cat is fat. Super fat. And he has managed to get himself stuck in the washer a few times. We have all learned to leave the lid down when we are done with the wash (even though it is super funny when he gets stuck in there and all you hear is a faint "meow").

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  1. this is terrific, your hard work really paid off!!

  2. I enjoyed your comic and the layout is great.

  3. this is brilliant! :) Love your art work