Quick Preview...

Happy Sunday!

It's our last free one before school starts. I spent most of the day driving home from my sister's...but still have enough time to feel like I get a day at home as well.

That's what getting up at 5:30 does for you.
Gives you the feeling that you can have a two for one :)

Who knew?!!

We had fun. Reading and coffee at Barnes and Noble. Shopping in Archiver's. It's a good thing there isn't a store like that near me...my checkbook couldn't handle it!

Helped her get some chores done. Those things that you just can't manage when you are chasing around two little ones.

Then we went school shopping. It's fun having new clothes, even if it does cost a pretty penny to restock the closets for all four of us. One of the drawbacks of all going back to school together every year :)

I was suckered into doing a "movie preview" survey. It was just a "quick" one. Yup. Almost 10 minutes of answering redundant questions about a movie that will be showing this Christmas season. Fun to see a new preview, annoying to answer the same question in 3 different ways. Oh well. I don't mind doing it too much. Part of me always sympathizes with the employee. I worked at a survey place while I was in college. Blah!

How about a fun preview? The good kind :)

I worked on this when a I had a few minutes to myself this past week (usually when I was up earlier than everyone else...or up later) and then finished it this afternoon. I'm excited to post the rest of it. Stay tuned. The listing for it will start tomorrow evening on eBay. All of the remaining 25 pictures will be posted. Holy Moly!!

Have a great evening,


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