More Card Making

When I mentioned that I made a pile of cards...I wasn't kidding :)

I didn't even realize how many I had made until I started cleaning off the top of my workbench. There were a stack of cards! Christmas gifts for the mother-in-law are all done:

School starts on Aug. 27th. As a teacher, the first day will be the 22nd.

Aaahhhh!! That's just around the corner.

I ran away from home to see my sister one more time before I am stuck in Montana for the winter. We are planning a trip to Barnes and Noble. Coffee. Maybe Archiver's. Some time on the green way...and anything else we can cram into the next three days!

Before I left, I added a little bit more to my shop. Love this title...wish I could be home drinking my coffee this morning and playing with paper:

My paper supplies and cutter just do not pack well for travel :)

Have a great rest of the week,



  1. WOW!! You have been busy! Super cute Rhoda!! Love the trailer
    ...especially! :)

  2. Fantastic cards, Rhoda! Enjoy what's left of your summer!

    Snoopy :D

    Snoopy's Homemade Fun